Sunday, November 18, 2012

Going for Broke

Now that Obama has been elected on the backs of the Unions they feel that now is the time for payback.  They are, in essence, striking while the iron is hot.  They have good reason to as their popularity and purpose has long been on the decline.  The defeat at the ballot box in Wisconsin was as visible as can be as to the level of their anger and tactics employed to push Walker out of the Governors house only amplified their thuggish nature for all to see.

Though the mask was lifted during the town hall meetings they tried to bully into silence with beat downs and violence they see Obama's victory as their last best chance to gain control through Government fiat. 

The fiat I speak is akin to the GM bailout where the Union was the winner when the US Government intervened to steer that company away from Bankruptcy into the bailout arena.  The question on my mind is whether or not Hostess brands, in the Governments eye, is too big to fail?  We already see Trumpka out in front of the camera looking like "Boss Hog" blaming Romney and Bain Capital for the demise without a whisper of the bloated union salaries and bennies being part of the equation. 

The unions are nervous and they should be.  The general public is on to their power structure and are rejecting it though California voters shot down Proposition 32 to the unions delight, Michigan voters rejected amending that States constitution to enshrine "collective bargaining" as a right.

During all of these battles for and against union dominance, we were treated to news that non-union crews were turned away from hurricane Sandy ravaged areas.  Never mind that people were dying and suffering at the time, those who didn't have a union card could not be permitted into that zone.

Finally, unions have always targeted Walmart as the biggest prize of all and have planned to convince a number of employee's to walk out on its biggest sales day of the year -- "black Friday"!  I don't know about you but I have seen soccer moms turn ravenous replete with claws when digging into sales bins while jockeying for better positions.  I think I would pit any of those fervent shoppers against any of Trumpka's goons who stand in the way of a good sale.  The unions can retain a level of comfort knowing that these women of good sales will not be hopped up on sugary twinkie treats thanks to them.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ding Dong, Twinkies dead

Ding Dong the wicked Twinkies dead.

More aptly put, the liberals shoot themselves in the foot while trying to cannibalize their own bodies.  Unions have effectively killed the twinky, ding dongs, ho-ho's and many more iconic brand names that over 8 generations of Americans have snacked on.  The crazy crap that passes as liberal intellectualism is amazing to watch as it self implodes.  In a time that most companies are hurting due to economic hardships imposed by reckless fiscal policies, environmental policies, labor policies and consumer health policies of the left the Bakers Union wants more money from Hostess Brands.  Hostess brands, already in bankruptcy protection, pleaded with the unions to agree to help save their own jobs by offering things such as a 25% stake in the company, representatives on the Board of Directors and $100 million dollars to restructure and emerge stronger from reorganizations but that wasn't good enough.  The company warned if the unions would not meet them to save the fledgling company then they would have to liquidate immediately, which apparently did today.

The union members can thank their representatives for losing all 18,500 jobs nationwide.  The insanity of the left is textbook.  Just think, while the unions were actively losing their jobs, Michelle Obama and her food Nazi's were already at war with Hostess, Coke, Pepsi and anything sugary for quite some time now.  Anyone can see that the assault on free enterprise and free people is counter intuitive to a strong a robust economy. 

Friday, November 16, 2012


Here we go again -- while trying to get to the bottom of the Benghazi affair (no pun intended) and the failures that led to the deaths of our diplomats and American citizens we are again being led around by our noses by the distraction of sex.  The main players, who have the answers that Congressional investigators are trying to ascertain, are embroiled in "Monika Lewinski-like" controversy (sex). 

Retired General David Patraeus is the new Lewinski.  The fact that the Director of the CIA can be so vulnerable shows us that our culture is toxic.  Sex has long been a useful tool of spies and enemies to gain footholds in our "intelligence" apparatus.  Mata Hari is a prime example.

We sit here, day by day, watching as the Director of the NDI and CIA second claim no knowledge while awaiting Patraeus' version.  He has been compromised and the fact that Holder's FBI had a hand in the early revelations of the affair is suspect.  Then we see his resignation.  All of the posturing post Benghazi has created a circus like sideshow meant to distract away from the real story here -- Benghazi.  Sex sells, distracts, distorts and diminishes the character of the accused.  It is ironic that our degraded culture holds sex so high yet uses it as a weapon when it is needed to punish and silence. 

We have the Secret Service embroiled in sexcapades.  We have past Presidents involved in sexcapades.  We have Congress, Senators and bureaucrats involved in sexcapades.

Hopefully, we can see the truth through the sleaze and hold those accountable for the failures of our protectors and get past the cover up (no pun intended, again).

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Moving forward

I took a few days off to lick my wounds after this election.  I have done a lot of soul searching and have come to the conclusion that it is time to rethink my/our priorities.  There is 4 years until the Obama reign is history and just 2 short years until the next mid term elections. 

The fact is the GOP and the Republicans have sold out long ago and in the process have sold us conservatives out with it.  We know that being moderate is not in our interest.  We know that there is no difference between the D and R. 

It is time to either get behind a viable 3rd party or remake the Republicans in the image that they should be and have been long ago.

I am thinking about creating a "think tank" like website blog whereas a chosen few can find the answers to the biggest question of all -- how.  Then to write these well thought out idea's into answers and find a grass root hold to take action.

I know there are quite a few gifted, talented people that come to this site and wish to hear from you.  I am looking for some that are committed to this endeavor/format to truly try to make a bigger difference to this lofty goal.

I want to hear from you, your ideas and your passion......

Allen West needs our help!

Congressman West needs help funding his legal team. He cannot use campaign election funds for this effort. Here is how we can all help out:

Send your check to Allen West for Congress - Recount. Including the word "Recount" on the check is crucial for the money to be applied to his legal fees.

Checks should be mailed to his campaign headquarters at:

Allen West for Congress
PO Box 1108
Stuart, FL 34995


Am I the only one noticing the cracks in America's foundation?  Obviously -- not!  What started out as a novel news item has blossomed into something that show just how divided the country really is and is quickly approaching a tipping point.  I am talking about the WH website where 50 states have now started petitions to secede from the US Government.  This alone shows the discontent of the Conservatives who tried the "voting" thing to save the country and have now given up by taking the easy way out -- running.

But the other thing these petitions show is the division within those States who have active petition signatures that have reached the 25,000 person threshold.  There are now anti-secede petitions within States that want to petition to secede.  This should tell you that seceding is not even a remote possibility as it takes a community to agree and this can never happen.

The question now is what are those who feel disenfranchised to do next?  Are the fissures turning into cracks into chasms?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Just like North and South Korea

OK, put on your imagination hats. 

Imagine this.....

The Conservatives and Progressives meet at a designated place for a coin toss in the United States.  It has been predetermined that the US is divided into two equal size chunks of land.  The winner of the coin toss determines which side they prefer to reside.  A giant wall has already been built replete with a demilitarized zone separating the two.  All those who wish to reside in their own ideological state chooses which side they move to.

Now, how long will it take for the Progressive side to begin to attempt to tunnel to the conservative side of the country after it implodes under the weight of their ideological programs?

Our hope lies in the future

I read an article titled "Losing it all" this morning penned by Noemie Emery at National Review Online that dissected the state of affairs for the Democrat party moving forward when, not if, Obama loses the election today.

On page two, in the last sentence of the paragraph prior to the last paragraph the author posed the following question -- "If Obama can't win, whom can they win with?"

We all know that Obama was fabricated as a "young and visionary leader" who's meteoric rise was based on the "Hope and Change" mantra.  The hope and change that we were hearing coming from his lips were promises to an end in the way Government has run in the past.  No more bi-partisanship, no more crony capitalism, no more lobby group influence and most of all a government that will be the most open and transparent the world has ever known.

Obama was lifted up like the Messiah as a truly trans formative icon. 

When you think about that question in the article, in comparison to the man we were sold on, who in the democrat bullpen in the wings even come close to his iconic stature (pre 2008).  Who is being groomed as charismatic as the One was?  Who is the heir apparent for 2016 that even comes close.  We learned today that Joe Biden has announced he will run again for something, what, we can only guess is the White House.  Is he the Democrats great white hope for the future?  There is always Hillary, but, her star power is quickly faded after the Benghazi debacle.  Yet Biden and Hillary will be in the 70's and not so hip with the MTV crowd as the One is.  Will Jesse Jackson, Jr., come out of his depression in time to light up the center stage?  Perhaps Chelsea Clinton can accomplish what her mother never could in the electorate for the left.  She is, after all, progressive enough in spite that she was born 37 days into the Reagan Administration in 1980.

I keep thinking and thinking about who could rouse the passion of Chris Mathews enough to get that tingle in his leg back and for the life of me cannot think of a single candidate.

I guess we will wait and see who the media chooses as their next messiah.  We will have to wait to see who they create out of whole cloth that will have to counter the young and vibrant conservative rising stars of the tea party.  This Avatar will have to be even more stupendously iconic straight out of Hollywood yet wise enough to channel Che'.  Good luck with that.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Hat Tip -- Left Coast Resistance

Left Coast Resistance

Democrat politician assaults citizen

The spin stops here, civility in the Democrat camp has long left the building.  No sooner than the candidate uttered the words "need for civility" did he attack his questioner physically.

It is about Black or White

I am about to be branded a racist for the title of this article for it appears to be literal.  Yet, I posit that this election comes down to exactly that -- black or white.  I do NOT mean in the literal racial sense but in the literal sense that the two candidates positions and views of America are as different as black or white (in contrast).

I still believe that Romney is going to defeat Obama's vision and record at the polls tomorrow in such a resounding way that it too will be black or white, win or lose or what ever analogy you wish to interject here.  The question is what will, or more apt, how will the radical side of the Democrat party react.  America knows that the modern day Democrat party has been hijacked by the most extreme elements of the left.  We witnessed this before this election but it was apparent soon after Obama took office with the radical behavior and choices his Administration began to implement.

We knew this when the House elected Madame Pelosi to the "Speaker of the House".  The most radical of Democrats from San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Think about that city, in the State of California for a moment and reminisce about all we know about their policies and politics of the years.  Remember Height Ash Bury (you know the same city that brought us Charlie Manson).  Remember Harvey Milk.  Need I say more.

We knew this when Harry (Dingy) Reid was elevated to Senate Majority Leader.  I could go on and on with the elevation of Radical Leftists in key posts throughout this government.

This race will not even be close because Americans, black and white, gay and straight, male and female will throw this yoke off resoundingly.  So the question remains, what will the radical left element do with this loss?  Will they trudge into court to contest the election as they always do?  They have positioned themselves for this legal argument for awhile now.  The UN observers, the DOJ lawsuits contesting the illegal immigrant laws and the ACLU activity along all these lines. 

Will they throw Obama under the bus and blame him in order to regroup under the radar as they have done so many times in the past? 

We know that an Obama loss will bring some violence to some cities as twitter has shown the coming anger. 

The question remains, will the Democrat party purge the radical elements from their midst in order to survive?  If Obama and the 10% radical elements try to hang on to power through the courts or some other dark way you will see those who oppose his vision hit the streets (non-violent) and rise up for all to see in such massive numbers that it will be apparent as black or white, who really won this election of ideas for America's future.

If you thought the tea party rallies were an indicator, if you thought the long lines in front of Chik-fil-A were an indicator, if you think the crowd sizes at Romney and Ryan rallies were an indicator just wait to see the resounding rallies against Obama's attempts to hold power.

Mark my words, the moment the election results are called, and before the legions of attorneys hit the courts for Obama the stock market on November 7 will tell the story.  I predict that the positive results of a Romney win will have the first surge there.  If Obama goes to court, the next day the markets will drop.  This will be as plain as black or white.

Tomorrow is America's day.......

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Next Great Awakening

The above title is the same as the article posted on National Review Online that covered an interview with Carl Anderson by Kathryn Jean Lopez.

The thrust of the interview is that 25% of Americans are Catholic and see a great danger in the Obamacare mandate forcing abortifacients upon people, and organizations, tied to faith.  In other words, the First Amendment.

The objection of forced participation by those of faith is reaching critical mass (no pun intended) as more and more Catholic Church members are become active in their civil discourse.  It brought an interesting question to mind when I was reading the interview -- How is this different than an individual seeking protection from forced enlistment in the military based on their faith, or beliefs?  Other than the conscription into the military that is!

Conscientious Objector's have long been around historically. 

In 1974, the Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations, Sean MacBride said, in his Nobel Lecture, "To the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights one more might, with relevance, be added. It is 'The Right to Refuse to Kill.'

Again, how is the opposition to killing an unborn child different than opposition of taking up arms in compulsory military service?

I think that a change in legal strategy is warranted or enhancement of the First Amendment legal argument to include the right to object to Obamacare under conscientious objector status.  Liberals love that argument and provide safe haven for draft dodgers, maybe they will accept us as one of their own.  Nah, forget I said that....Only when pigs fly.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Let's Roll!

America right now is alot like United flight 93.  We are huddled in the back section of the plane staring at the horror at who is control.  We know that if we do nothing, the trajectory will cost unwary Americans somewhere else their very lives in the near future and beyond.

At this moment we are all Todd Beamers and know we must act quickly.  It is the inherent bravery of Americans that will rush forward and retake control to avert disaster like those who faced imminent threat on September 11, 2001. 

Some will think this analogy to be sick and demean the sacrifice of those on that fateful day, but I posit the analogy to hoist them up as true Americans that did act in the face of danger, bravely and resolute.  This is what I know most Americans share with them.  I know Americans will throw off this pilot of progressives and retake our plane.  Our futures as well as our children's future depend upon it. 

The current pilots and those who helped them gain control of the plane in the first place are now cowering with the knowledge that we are in the back, talking and the seriousness of our expressions are causing them alarm.  They know something is up so they threaten us in an attempt to intimidate us into our seats.  You know what I am talking about, the Micheal Moores with their ads of 80+ grandma's and grandpa's threatening to "burn this motherfu*&er down" if Romney takes control of the cockpit.  The disgusting and open threats from those who are huddled in the front of the plane around the pilot.  The violent rhetoric being tweeted across social media is intense and remain as active accounts weeks after they posted them. 

Well America, we are about to impact so we must re-take (November 6th) this doomed flight from those crazed ideologues now......Let's roll!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Blog of the Month

Constitutional Insurgent

Libertas and Latte

22 year Military veteran and Intelligent worker who happens to be intelligent.  CI has visited ALR on many occasions and has engaged in spirited debate.  He is conservative and his blog is an excellent read from a unique perspective.....

WW!! Secret message delivered 70 years later

I normally write about the "scourge" of socialism on this site, but this interesting news sort of applies as it concerns the war effort, on D-Day against Nazi Germany.  The story goes like this -- England, on D-Day was in a "communications blackout" to prevent the Germans from the events of D-Day as it unfolded.  During that specific time during the war, in order to get vital information across the English Channel the military utilized carrier pigeons with coded messages strapped to their legs.

This particular pigeon was carrying a highly secret coded message and flew across the English Channel but never delivered it's message, that is, until recently when a man discovered the remains of the bird behind his chimney with the coded message still strapped to its leg.

Historians are now pouring over Allied Logs in an attempt to decipher the coded message.  Low tech message in a bottle.  The link above has the story with digital images of the remains, the message and the place it was found.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Obama, not so smart

I was just listening to Rush Limbaugh when, in his usual "see through the lines way", brought forth some interesting observations in the wake of the Hurricane Sandy aftermath.  We Conservatives were quite surprised, or should say shocked, that Governor Christie lavashed such praise on Obama's response to the aftermath of the disaster. 

Rewind to Christie at a Romney rally just 10 days prior, per the Washington Post -- "At a Romney rally 10 days (and a seeming lifetime) ago, the governor offered that Obama is “blindly walking around the White House looking for a clue,” adding that “he’s like a man wandering around a dark room, hands up against the wall, clutching for the light switch of leadership, and he just can’t find it.”

Reuters -- "Riding in the Marine One presidential helicopter, Obama and Christie got an aerial view of some of the hardest-hit areas of the New Jersey shoreline, and afterward the president promised to cut through red tape to help storm victims."

The President promised to cut through red tape to help storm victims!

Let's let this sink in a bit......

Red Tape......

Promised to cut.....

While Obama has traipsed throughout the land during the last 2 and half years advocating expanding government, adding more regulation makes the offer to "cut through the red tape" that he and his fellow traveller create, time and time again.

In essence, Obama admits here that "red tape", which he lives by, is the problem to responding rapidly to this crisis!

All the while, the Romney campaign advocates just that. 

The Obama exposure

There was an excellent article today that pretty much summarizes my long held belief that Obama will meet his political end come November, in a most painful way -- the masses do not love him as he does himself.

I have said again and again that I believe in Americans to do the right things, at the right times to end this social engineering project the liberals have tinkering with at light speed.  I have tried to sooth the naysayers who think the corruption, power and money behind Obama is just too much to overcome.  They have the backing of the Media, they have the backing of the Unions, they have the backing of minorities, etc., etc., etc! 

The problem with this gloom and doom belief is that American don't buy into it.  They, we, have worked tirelessly to counter this power all for the sake of retaining, regaining the strength and power of the American concept that has been the example of the World to see.

The problem with Obama and his power brokers is not that they have painted this caricature of this man as a modern messiah, deity perhaps, but that from the outset of his 2008 victory he has been exposed as what he really is.  We have seen the reality of his actions and they do not match the narrative given to us by those who created him.

There is a sound coming from the heavens, a sort of whistle sound like that of a bomb falling from a long distance on it way to the ground and that is the sound quickly approaching for Obama and his ilk.  Gravity is soon approaching for them and the resounding thud of the impact will be like the "shot heard around the world" comparison.

Take for example, from that article --

"There were signs of buyers' remorse immediately. Obama started losing this election in late '08, before he was inaugurated. Business owners, knowing Obama better than conservative pundits, shed 2 million jobs in 90 days starting in November of 2008."

"In 2009, Obama lost surrogate elections in New Jersey and Virginia. In early 2010, he lost a big one in Massachusetts, and late in 2010 he lost almost a thousand total elections nationwide. In 2011 he lost in Wisconsin -- again."

and finally,,,,

"Everything Obama and his cohorts in the media, academia, union halls, Congress, and the crony capitalist world believe in is fraudulent. There was never going to be any economic recovery on their watch because they haven't the foggiest how an economy works. There was never going to be any new found love of America overseas because they have no clue what it is about America that has made us the shining city on a hill in the first place. There was never going to be any job-creation because no one in Obama's bubble has ever created one. There was never going to be any racial reconciliation because Obama was a post-racial fabrication of perverted white guilt and black rage. There was never going to be a pristine future powered by windmills and solar panels because neither the business nor the scientific model for such technologies shows any possibility of success. There was no way Obama would do a good job, because he's never had a real job."

Mitt Romney may not be the entire answer to what ails us, but at this point he is the only option to witness gravity first hand.