Friday, November 2, 2012

WW!! Secret message delivered 70 years later

I normally write about the "scourge" of socialism on this site, but this interesting news sort of applies as it concerns the war effort, on D-Day against Nazi Germany.  The story goes like this -- England, on D-Day was in a "communications blackout" to prevent the Germans from the events of D-Day as it unfolded.  During that specific time during the war, in order to get vital information across the English Channel the military utilized carrier pigeons with coded messages strapped to their legs.

This particular pigeon was carrying a highly secret coded message and flew across the English Channel but never delivered it's message, that is, until recently when a man discovered the remains of the bird behind his chimney with the coded message still strapped to its leg.

Historians are now pouring over Allied Logs in an attempt to decipher the coded message.  Low tech message in a bottle.  The link above has the story with digital images of the remains, the message and the place it was found.

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  1. Watching various segments presented on the military channel over the years about WWII, I must say I find the espionage/misdirection/intelligence elements of WWII absolutely fascinating.

    War is so much more than military engagement.