Sunday, November 18, 2012

Going for Broke

Now that Obama has been elected on the backs of the Unions they feel that now is the time for payback.  They are, in essence, striking while the iron is hot.  They have good reason to as their popularity and purpose has long been on the decline.  The defeat at the ballot box in Wisconsin was as visible as can be as to the level of their anger and tactics employed to push Walker out of the Governors house only amplified their thuggish nature for all to see.

Though the mask was lifted during the town hall meetings they tried to bully into silence with beat downs and violence they see Obama's victory as their last best chance to gain control through Government fiat. 

The fiat I speak is akin to the GM bailout where the Union was the winner when the US Government intervened to steer that company away from Bankruptcy into the bailout arena.  The question on my mind is whether or not Hostess brands, in the Governments eye, is too big to fail?  We already see Trumpka out in front of the camera looking like "Boss Hog" blaming Romney and Bain Capital for the demise without a whisper of the bloated union salaries and bennies being part of the equation. 

The unions are nervous and they should be.  The general public is on to their power structure and are rejecting it though California voters shot down Proposition 32 to the unions delight, Michigan voters rejected amending that States constitution to enshrine "collective bargaining" as a right.

During all of these battles for and against union dominance, we were treated to news that non-union crews were turned away from hurricane Sandy ravaged areas.  Never mind that people were dying and suffering at the time, those who didn't have a union card could not be permitted into that zone.

Finally, unions have always targeted Walmart as the biggest prize of all and have planned to convince a number of employee's to walk out on its biggest sales day of the year -- "black Friday"!  I don't know about you but I have seen soccer moms turn ravenous replete with claws when digging into sales bins while jockeying for better positions.  I think I would pit any of those fervent shoppers against any of Trumpka's goons who stand in the way of a good sale.  The unions can retain a level of comfort knowing that these women of good sales will not be hopped up on sugary twinkie treats thanks to them.


  1. Rosey, I pray that people wake up to these planet destroying unions before it really is too late.
    In contrast to Wisconsin they voted for the privilege to continue to be raped by public unions in Ohio when they over-turned Ohio SB5

    And "things that make sense" were not prevalent in the last election either.

    Jury's out.
    I'm betting on a lib SC though, and if that's the case, it's game over.

  2. Looks like my home state of Michigan (one of the first union states) is learning-
    As to my California- don't know if the liberalism can ever be over come---

  3. Christian Soldier: We got RTW! Where in Michigan are you (roughly, point to your hand...)