Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Obama exposure

There was an excellent article today that pretty much summarizes my long held belief that Obama will meet his political end come November, in a most painful way -- the masses do not love him as he does himself.

I have said again and again that I believe in Americans to do the right things, at the right times to end this social engineering project the liberals have tinkering with at light speed.  I have tried to sooth the naysayers who think the corruption, power and money behind Obama is just too much to overcome.  They have the backing of the Media, they have the backing of the Unions, they have the backing of minorities, etc., etc., etc! 

The problem with this gloom and doom belief is that American don't buy into it.  They, we, have worked tirelessly to counter this power all for the sake of retaining, regaining the strength and power of the American concept that has been the example of the World to see.

The problem with Obama and his power brokers is not that they have painted this caricature of this man as a modern messiah, deity perhaps, but that from the outset of his 2008 victory he has been exposed as what he really is.  We have seen the reality of his actions and they do not match the narrative given to us by those who created him.

There is a sound coming from the heavens, a sort of whistle sound like that of a bomb falling from a long distance on it way to the ground and that is the sound quickly approaching for Obama and his ilk.  Gravity is soon approaching for them and the resounding thud of the impact will be like the "shot heard around the world" comparison.

Take for example, from that article --

"There were signs of buyers' remorse immediately. Obama started losing this election in late '08, before he was inaugurated. Business owners, knowing Obama better than conservative pundits, shed 2 million jobs in 90 days starting in November of 2008."

"In 2009, Obama lost surrogate elections in New Jersey and Virginia. In early 2010, he lost a big one in Massachusetts, and late in 2010 he lost almost a thousand total elections nationwide. In 2011 he lost in Wisconsin -- again."

and finally,,,,

"Everything Obama and his cohorts in the media, academia, union halls, Congress, and the crony capitalist world believe in is fraudulent. There was never going to be any economic recovery on their watch because they haven't the foggiest how an economy works. There was never going to be any new found love of America overseas because they have no clue what it is about America that has made us the shining city on a hill in the first place. There was never going to be any job-creation because no one in Obama's bubble has ever created one. There was never going to be any racial reconciliation because Obama was a post-racial fabrication of perverted white guilt and black rage. There was never going to be a pristine future powered by windmills and solar panels because neither the business nor the scientific model for such technologies shows any possibility of success. There was no way Obama would do a good job, because he's never had a real job."

Mitt Romney may not be the entire answer to what ails us, but at this point he is the only option to witness gravity first hand.


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