Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Our hope lies in the future

I read an article titled "Losing it all" this morning penned by Noemie Emery at National Review Online that dissected the state of affairs for the Democrat party moving forward when, not if, Obama loses the election today.

On page two, in the last sentence of the paragraph prior to the last paragraph the author posed the following question -- "If Obama can't win, whom can they win with?"

We all know that Obama was fabricated as a "young and visionary leader" who's meteoric rise was based on the "Hope and Change" mantra.  The hope and change that we were hearing coming from his lips were promises to an end in the way Government has run in the past.  No more bi-partisanship, no more crony capitalism, no more lobby group influence and most of all a government that will be the most open and transparent the world has ever known.

Obama was lifted up like the Messiah as a truly trans formative icon. 

When you think about that question in the article, in comparison to the man we were sold on, who in the democrat bullpen in the wings even come close to his iconic stature (pre 2008).  Who is being groomed as charismatic as the One was?  Who is the heir apparent for 2016 that even comes close.  We learned today that Joe Biden has announced he will run again for something, what, we can only guess is the White House.  Is he the Democrats great white hope for the future?  There is always Hillary, but, her star power is quickly faded after the Benghazi debacle.  Yet Biden and Hillary will be in the 70's and not so hip with the MTV crowd as the One is.  Will Jesse Jackson, Jr., come out of his depression in time to light up the center stage?  Perhaps Chelsea Clinton can accomplish what her mother never could in the electorate for the left.  She is, after all, progressive enough in spite that she was born 37 days into the Reagan Administration in 1980.

I keep thinking and thinking about who could rouse the passion of Chris Mathews enough to get that tingle in his leg back and for the life of me cannot think of a single candidate.

I guess we will wait and see who the media chooses as their next messiah.  We will have to wait to see who they create out of whole cloth that will have to counter the young and vibrant conservative rising stars of the tea party.  This Avatar will have to be even more stupendously iconic straight out of Hollywood yet wise enough to channel Che'.  Good luck with that.

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