Saturday, November 3, 2012

Let's Roll!

America right now is alot like United flight 93.  We are huddled in the back section of the plane staring at the horror at who is control.  We know that if we do nothing, the trajectory will cost unwary Americans somewhere else their very lives in the near future and beyond.

At this moment we are all Todd Beamers and know we must act quickly.  It is the inherent bravery of Americans that will rush forward and retake control to avert disaster like those who faced imminent threat on September 11, 2001. 

Some will think this analogy to be sick and demean the sacrifice of those on that fateful day, but I posit the analogy to hoist them up as true Americans that did act in the face of danger, bravely and resolute.  This is what I know most Americans share with them.  I know Americans will throw off this pilot of progressives and retake our plane.  Our futures as well as our children's future depend upon it. 

The current pilots and those who helped them gain control of the plane in the first place are now cowering with the knowledge that we are in the back, talking and the seriousness of our expressions are causing them alarm.  They know something is up so they threaten us in an attempt to intimidate us into our seats.  You know what I am talking about, the Micheal Moores with their ads of 80+ grandma's and grandpa's threatening to "burn this motherfu*&er down" if Romney takes control of the cockpit.  The disgusting and open threats from those who are huddled in the front of the plane around the pilot.  The violent rhetoric being tweeted across social media is intense and remain as active accounts weeks after they posted them. 

Well America, we are about to impact so we must re-take (November 6th) this doomed flight from those crazed ideologues now......Let's roll!


  1. Very apt analogy, Rosey. Right dead center on the money.

    We ARE all Todd Beamers now.

    And come Tuesday, 'let's roll.'

  2. Time to open the door and throw those "pilots" OUT!