Thursday, November 1, 2012

Obama, not so smart

I was just listening to Rush Limbaugh when, in his usual "see through the lines way", brought forth some interesting observations in the wake of the Hurricane Sandy aftermath.  We Conservatives were quite surprised, or should say shocked, that Governor Christie lavashed such praise on Obama's response to the aftermath of the disaster. 

Rewind to Christie at a Romney rally just 10 days prior, per the Washington Post -- "At a Romney rally 10 days (and a seeming lifetime) ago, the governor offered that Obama is “blindly walking around the White House looking for a clue,” adding that “he’s like a man wandering around a dark room, hands up against the wall, clutching for the light switch of leadership, and he just can’t find it.”

Reuters -- "Riding in the Marine One presidential helicopter, Obama and Christie got an aerial view of some of the hardest-hit areas of the New Jersey shoreline, and afterward the president promised to cut through red tape to help storm victims."

The President promised to cut through red tape to help storm victims!

Let's let this sink in a bit......

Red Tape......

Promised to cut.....

While Obama has traipsed throughout the land during the last 2 and half years advocating expanding government, adding more regulation makes the offer to "cut through the red tape" that he and his fellow traveller create, time and time again.

In essence, Obama admits here that "red tape", which he lives by, is the problem to responding rapidly to this crisis!

All the while, the Romney campaign advocates just that. 

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