Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Am I the only one noticing the cracks in America's foundation?  Obviously -- not!  What started out as a novel news item has blossomed into something that show just how divided the country really is and is quickly approaching a tipping point.  I am talking about the WH website where 50 states have now started petitions to secede from the US Government.  This alone shows the discontent of the Conservatives who tried the "voting" thing to save the country and have now given up by taking the easy way out -- running.

But the other thing these petitions show is the division within those States who have active petition signatures that have reached the 25,000 person threshold.  There are now anti-secede petitions within States that want to petition to secede.  This should tell you that seceding is not even a remote possibility as it takes a community to agree and this can never happen.

The question now is what are those who feel disenfranchised to do next?  Are the fissures turning into cracks into chasms?


  1. The divisions you speak of are closer than most believe or care to recognize.

    Whereas the Civil War was clearly demarcated by the Mason-Dixon Line this current division is house against house, co-worker against co-worker and as reported wife against husband.

    That scenario was common as well during the Civil War but usually limited to those who lived along or quite close to the Mason-Dixon Line. In 2012 and beyond, perceived enemies are everywhere all at once.

    Keep your eyes open and your powder dry.

  2. We are now living in a Banana country where free honest elections no longer exist.