Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ding Dong, Twinkies dead

Ding Dong the wicked Twinkies dead.

More aptly put, the liberals shoot themselves in the foot while trying to cannibalize their own bodies.  Unions have effectively killed the twinky, ding dongs, ho-ho's and many more iconic brand names that over 8 generations of Americans have snacked on.  The crazy crap that passes as liberal intellectualism is amazing to watch as it self implodes.  In a time that most companies are hurting due to economic hardships imposed by reckless fiscal policies, environmental policies, labor policies and consumer health policies of the left the Bakers Union wants more money from Hostess Brands.  Hostess brands, already in bankruptcy protection, pleaded with the unions to agree to help save their own jobs by offering things such as a 25% stake in the company, representatives on the Board of Directors and $100 million dollars to restructure and emerge stronger from reorganizations but that wasn't good enough.  The company warned if the unions would not meet them to save the fledgling company then they would have to liquidate immediately, which apparently did today.

The union members can thank their representatives for losing all 18,500 jobs nationwide.  The insanity of the left is textbook.  Just think, while the unions were actively losing their jobs, Michelle Obama and her food Nazi's were already at war with Hostess, Coke, Pepsi and anything sugary for quite some time now.  Anyone can see that the assault on free enterprise and free people is counter intuitive to a strong a robust economy. 

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