Monday, November 5, 2012

It is about Black or White

I am about to be branded a racist for the title of this article for it appears to be literal.  Yet, I posit that this election comes down to exactly that -- black or white.  I do NOT mean in the literal racial sense but in the literal sense that the two candidates positions and views of America are as different as black or white (in contrast).

I still believe that Romney is going to defeat Obama's vision and record at the polls tomorrow in such a resounding way that it too will be black or white, win or lose or what ever analogy you wish to interject here.  The question is what will, or more apt, how will the radical side of the Democrat party react.  America knows that the modern day Democrat party has been hijacked by the most extreme elements of the left.  We witnessed this before this election but it was apparent soon after Obama took office with the radical behavior and choices his Administration began to implement.

We knew this when the House elected Madame Pelosi to the "Speaker of the House".  The most radical of Democrats from San Francisco.  San Francisco.  Think about that city, in the State of California for a moment and reminisce about all we know about their policies and politics of the years.  Remember Height Ash Bury (you know the same city that brought us Charlie Manson).  Remember Harvey Milk.  Need I say more.

We knew this when Harry (Dingy) Reid was elevated to Senate Majority Leader.  I could go on and on with the elevation of Radical Leftists in key posts throughout this government.

This race will not even be close because Americans, black and white, gay and straight, male and female will throw this yoke off resoundingly.  So the question remains, what will the radical left element do with this loss?  Will they trudge into court to contest the election as they always do?  They have positioned themselves for this legal argument for awhile now.  The UN observers, the DOJ lawsuits contesting the illegal immigrant laws and the ACLU activity along all these lines. 

Will they throw Obama under the bus and blame him in order to regroup under the radar as they have done so many times in the past? 

We know that an Obama loss will bring some violence to some cities as twitter has shown the coming anger. 

The question remains, will the Democrat party purge the radical elements from their midst in order to survive?  If Obama and the 10% radical elements try to hang on to power through the courts or some other dark way you will see those who oppose his vision hit the streets (non-violent) and rise up for all to see in such massive numbers that it will be apparent as black or white, who really won this election of ideas for America's future.

If you thought the tea party rallies were an indicator, if you thought the long lines in front of Chik-fil-A were an indicator, if you think the crowd sizes at Romney and Ryan rallies were an indicator just wait to see the resounding rallies against Obama's attempts to hold power.

Mark my words, the moment the election results are called, and before the legions of attorneys hit the courts for Obama the stock market on November 7 will tell the story.  I predict that the positive results of a Romney win will have the first surge there.  If Obama goes to court, the next day the markets will drop.  This will be as plain as black or white.

Tomorrow is America's day.......


  1. Bold predictions indeed. I'm not making any, for two reasons; I think the election at this juncture is too close to call.....and the other reason is that I don't particularly care which pillar of mediocrity wins the beauty contest.

    Civil liberties will continue to be regulated and taxed, foreign policy will continue to make us less safe, and the size and scope of government will continue to grow. In short, respectfully disagreeing completely with an assertion that there's any real estate of note between the two frontrunners.

    Each campaign had been about how much money to spend on the various projects and interests of the parties....rather than positing the question of should money be spent on them at all?

  2. Time will tell but if one is to use stock trends as an indicator of anything then watch the foreign market tomorrow night while simultaneously watching the election results trickle in.

    As to any liberal violence, lock and load.

  3. CI, I would hope that even with your far right stance, you would still go and vote--
    for romney, if only to keep the Supreme Court balance away from the EXTREME LEFT legislate from the bench bnch of thugs an Obama second term will ensure. Please think twice about what you are doing should you decide to vote for a third choice or stay at home. Be an American who LOVES America please!

  4. CI, actually, if you live in a NON-swing state, vote however you want. It won't count anyway! And THAT is the sad truth about our election system!

  5. Romney didn't earn my vote. My vote is more than just about the two miserable choices for 1600 Penn. I left the GOP for very specific reasons, and those reasons still stand. I am a Libertarian, and as such, I desire to see the Libertarian party grow and receive federal funding for 2016. I played the game in 2000 and Republican in the vain hope to staunch the flow of money espoused by the left.

    What did I get in return? A GOP who continued those destructive practices, and as an added bonus....gave short shrift to the tenet of individual liberty. If Romney wins tomorrow, great...status quo. If he loses, then perhaps that will finally be the tipping point for the GOP to begin to rediscover Conservatism and it's lost electorate. This country will not get back on the track of freedom and free market until that paradigm shift occurs.

    I haven't decided who to vote for in the Senate matchup here in their is no LP candidate. As for SCOTUS balance, as we've seen in cases like Kelo, a GOP nomination is no guarantee of liberty.

  6. CI -- I couldn't agree more. The two party system is rigged to exclude other voices. The only other 3rd party that managed to get some exposure was Ross Perot, who by the way I voted for and thus we got Clinton. I have a question to pose to you as a libertarian who professes to be conservative -- who, in your opinion rises to that level of conservatism for you presently? Is there anyone currently in congress, Senate or elsewhere that fits your model? I would like to satisfy my own curiosity along those lines.

  7. Points awarded for not asking an easy question. There is at present no one elected official at the national level who I would consider an ideological soulmate....part of that may extend from the fact that aside from two Independents in name only, there are only Democrats and Republicans in which to choose from.

    That said, there are certainly qualities and positions that I admire in Christie (NJ), DeMint (SC), Flake (AZ), Otter (ID), Jones (NC), McClintock (CA) and the Pauls' [elder and younger] (KY, TX)......and even more at state levels.