Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cruz'n for a bruising

For all we have heard in the MSM about the ideological driven extremist terrorist Ted Cruz there has been a silence of sorts to the effect he has really had on House Leaders.  Sure we have heard that Cruz has "co-opted" or "hi-jacked" the House, but the real civil war that is being fought in the trenches for the heart and soul of the GOP is raging.  This inner battle is very important in the bloody fight against the long and consistent march of Progressive socialism and the very heart of American ideals that have been eroding for a very long time.

Make no mistake, this is a watershed moment and Cruz, Mike Lee and grassroots activists who align with Tea Party ideals are in it, to win it, at all cost.  This is their mandate from voters and they have held the line and have even made important movement forward in this battle.

The MSM has largely unreported one of the Cruz/Lee internal victories because if they had reported it for what it was, it would have shown a bright light on the harbinger of things to come.  What I am talking about is that House Conservatives have abandoned the Speaker in this latest fight and have huddled with Cruz/Lee on how to proceed.  The House Speaker has enormous power and influence over the members and hold sway over the purse strings for campaign funds for re-elections and powerful committee posts awarded or taken away.

In fact, Boehner has already lowered the boom on the freshmen members directly after their entering the House in order to, well, order them to toe the party line of appeasement and status quo.  The old guard did not read their tea leafs correctly after the 2010 grassroots sweeps into the House and for some reason think it was their ideas and not a disgruntled conservative electorate demand for change.  Now the old horses who shoved McCain and Romney down our throats as the ones to challenge the Progressive march forward have a decision to make.  Capitulate to the fire breathing, conservative fighting dragons of new, or continue their slide into the dust bin of history.  I cannot imagine at this point what the GOP/Republican brand will look like in the next year if the old guard doesn't get the message.  I do not know if it will be abandoned or re branded into its old conservative roots.  It is important to not think of 3rd parties vs. rehabilitating the GOP/Republican name but as more time goes by and more damage is done it may have to be discarded.  If it is discarded it may mean a longer period of Democrat rule or it could mean that enough of Americans are so disgusted by both parties that the alternative 3rd party is popular enough to bury both.  Ross Perot made history and may have been able to achieve his victory in the 1990's if for one reason.  He gave up the fight, the rejoined after he saw that was a mistake.  It didn't help matters that Perot picked a daft Vice Presidential running mate either.  History could be changing and the shining city on a hill may be brighter than ever.

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