Thursday, December 3, 2009

2009 “the year of truth”

The Democrats are exposed as criminals

The country was sick and tired of the scandals that plagued politics and took the socialists at their word that they would clean it up. Guess what, they didn’t. In fact it only got worse.

Then the “One” got up in front of the masses in a carefully crafted message of “Hope and Change” and all we got was “Change that we would never hope for”. But 2009, in spite of the crap legislation being forced down our throats, have offered a glimpse of change that we did not expect. First was the beginning of the downfall of the “House of ACORN”. We received that hope from a “grassroots” type effort of “citizen journalist” that did the job that the mainstream media failed, or blatantly refused to do.

The ACORN sting videos were a refreshingly effective effort to expose a criminal enterprise that has plagued this country in the guise of “helping the poor and downtrodden” by voting scandals, electioneering and abuse of non-profit status to further hide their dirty deeds.

The other Hope of change came from an illegal hacker that single handedly brought the massive fraud of “Global Warming” to its knees and have the alarmist scurrying for anything positive to keep their efforts afloat ahead of the Copenhagen summit.

Obama has thrown his hat into the ring by announcing (after the hoax was exposed) that he would travel to the summit and pledge America’s participation of cutting carbon emissions by 17% of 2005 levels. This is a desperate ploy to lend credibility to the organization that is going to die (they just don’t know it yet) by having the great orator pack his teleprompter and give the speech of his socialist life.

There is one other “Nobel Prize” winner that just announced that he would NOT be attending the summit after high priced advanced ticket sales – Al Gore. I guess he could stand the thought of all the “heat” he would get if he attended! Oh yeah I also forgot to mention his Oscars.

If you think that the UN scandal “Oil for money” scheme was big, this scandal has eclipsed that one by Trillions of dollars.

To top off the above scandals we cannot forget the following 2009 Democrat corruption:

1) Democrat mayor from Baltimore found guilty of perjury and corruption.
2) Ex Democrat Representative William “Cold Cash” Jefferson found guilty.
3) Democratic Mayor of Birmingham convicted of bribery and corruption.
4) Democrat Mayor of Detroit convicted of perjury.
5) John Murtha under investigation by Senate Ethics Committee.

I could go on and on with the list, but you get the picture. 2010 will be a banner year for “booting out” incumbents of both parties in an effort to clean house and instill politicians that will listen to constituents instead of treating us as rubes.


  1. And I cannot wait for it! I don't think voting will could ever be so gratifying.

  2. It sure has been a bad year for the left. Lets hope 2010 is even worse.