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The real reason Obama delayed on Afghanistan!

He was having another “Honduran” moment!

Obama's First failure was his attempt to circumvent the Honduran Constitution and re-seat the facist dictator Zalaya.  Then Obama's failed Olympic bid for his Chicago thug friends. Next, it was Hopenhagen and the frigid response he received from developing countries and the weather.

Now, we learn he has failed in an attempt to overthrow the Karzai Administration earlier this year. That’s right, you heard me right, he attempted another coup d’tat in yet another country and it received little or no press coverage.

Unlike Bush, Obama has absolutely nothing to do with creating freedom for millions, instead he is about reversing freedoms to back oppression. I give the example of Obama’s “Honduran” moment as the impetus for my argument.

By now, many Americans saw first hand how the Obama Administration attempted to reseat the former President, and Hugo Chavez buddy, Zalaya of Honduras after their Supreme Court ousted him for his breaching of their constitution regarding his attempt to remain in perpetual power. The message the Obama Administration sent was one of contempt for their constitution as was as their internal sovereignty by backing the radical.

American’s have already witnessed this Administrations contempt and disregard for our constitution, but the overt attempt to reseat a radical in another country was a portent for things to come here.

Obama has been criticized by many in America for his “foot dragging” on the issue of providing a surge of more troops in Afghanistan. This troop surge was a basic framework that the outgoing Administration advised as well as Obama’s hand pick General that is responsible for that arena.

While troops were being killed as violence from Taliban and al-Qaida loyalists escalated their attacks, Obama gave many different reasons for the delay in decided “which way he would go”.

At first his Administration blamed the Bush Administration for not having a plan (which was revealed as false by the media on the right) then he blamed the foot dragging on the corruption of Karzai and the voter fraud of Afghanistan’s election as another excuse. I have a different reason and it has nothing to do with troop surges, but more in line with toppling the elected leader (Karzai) and replacing him with Obama allies.

Enter Peter Galbraith!

Peter Galbraith was an outspoken critic of keeping Iraq whole and openly advocated partitioning Iraq into three separate countries. This strategy was endorsed by Joe Biden as well as many Democrat leaders in the Senate.

“From 2003 onwards, Galbraith acted as an adviser to the Kurdistan Regional Government in northern Iraq. As an author and commentator, he argued that Iraq has broken up and that the US occupation authorities should not try to build a strong central government over Kurdish objections.”

Galbraith Business interests in Iraqi oil

In October 2009, Dagens Næringsliv (a Norwegian tabloid) published a series of articles alleging that Galbraith was a paid consultant for the Norwegian oil company DNO (which is currently engaged in exploring oil reserves in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq). This charge was investigated by the New York Times which concluded that Galbraith "received rights to an enormous stake in at least one of Kurdistan’s oil fields in the spring of 2004. He stands to earn perhaps a hundred million or more dollars. Feisal al-Istrabadi, also a participant in the Iraqi constitutional negotiations, has said that the revelations "implicates the legitimacy of the entire constitutional process in Iraq. We shouldn't have had an oil company drafting the Iraqi constitution."

Abdul-Hadi al-Hassani, vice chairman of the Oil and Gas Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, said that Mr. Galbraith’s "interference was not justified, illegal and not right, particularly because he is involved in a company where his financial interests have been merged with the political interest."

Mr al-Hassani does not explain how offering advice could possibly be illegal under Iraqi law. Galbraith responded in a letter to the Rutland Herald that "even a superficial analysis would show that [the allegations] could not be true. At the time the Iraqi Constitution was negotiated in 2005, I was a private citizen with no connection whatsoever with the U.S. government. (See Delwareonline which refutes this response of Galbraith).

In short, I was in no position to push through anything. At the request of Kurdistan's leaders, I did offer them advice on how to negotiate best to achieve their goals. But I never participated in any negotiations and was never in the room when they took place."'Galbraith also noted the benefits that the DNO deal brought to Kurdistan: "Until 2005, most Kurds saw Iraq’s oil as a curse and wish the country had none. Iraqi oil financed the armies that oppressed the Kurds and purchased the weapons, including poison gas, that Saddam Hussein used to commit genocide. DNO pioneered the creation of a Kurdistan oil industry that today has more than 30 companies operating in the region. Oil revenues give Kurdistan the means for real self-government, including the ability to defend itself. Today, Kurdistan is experiencing unprecedented prosperity financed in part by Kurdistan’s oil and in stark contrast to recent decades when Iraq’s oil paid for mass murder and the physical destruction of more than 5000 villages.

Here is how Galbraith influenced Joe Biden through another person:

Les Gelb had eased into his seat on a jet from New York to Washington late in 2005 when US Sen. Joe Biden unexpectedly plopped down next to him. Biden, then gearing up for a presidential run, was just the man Gelb -- a veteran journalist and diplomat -- needed to see. For more than two years, Gelb had been pushing a plan that would split Iraq into three self-governing regions -- Kurd, Shiite and Sunni -- with a limited central government in Baghdad overseeing border defense, oil revenues and matters such as health.

Despite publishing pieces in major newspapers and delivering numerous speeches, Gelb's plan had languished. "I was pitching it all over the place, making no converts among foreign policy people," Gelb said. "Running into Biden was like a dream."

A relative handful of the party's foreign policy mavens -- most prominently, Les Gelb, president emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations, and Peter Galbraith, former U.S. ambassador to Croatia -- have a more chastened perspective. Heirs of such Vietnam-era realists as Sen. J. William Fulbright and political scientist Hans Morgenthau, they argue that Iraq is more nearly three countries than one -- a Shiite south inclined toward some form of Islamic rule, though not necessarily a theocratic republic; a democratic Kurdish north; and a Sunni-dominated middle with large non-Sunni minorities. No region will accept the domination of another, and striking a politically acceptable balance between majority rule and minority rights under these circumstances is all but impossible. You can't do nation-building, they conclude, when the nation doesn't want to be built.

Gelb has argued for letting Iraq devolve into three separate states. Galbraith, fearing that an independent Kurdistan would soon be invaded by a Kurdophobic Turkey, calls for establishing one state with a common foreign policy but consisting of three largely autonomous regions in all other matters."

As you can see, Gelb and Galbraith were united in their aims to split Iraq into three and a per chance (more like fat chance of the per chance) meeting on a plane with Biden roused his support. Galbraith is dishonest in his denials that he was a mere citizen with no connection to the US Government. Mr. Galbraith had a very powerful voice that many democrats listened to in their pursuit to have Bush’s Iraq venture fail. This gave him the inside track to make $100 million in personal oil money as a result of his Northern Iraq, DNO consulting and influence in the process of drafting the Iraq Constitution in late 2005 that enabled his windfall (Can you say US war for oil).

DNO’s chief executive, Helge Eide, confirmed that Mr. Galbraith helped negotiate the Tawke deal and advised the company during 2005. But Mr. Eide said that Mr. Galbraith acted solely as a political adviser and that the company never discussed the Constitution negotiations with him. “We certainly never did give any input, language or suggestions on the Constitution,” Mr. Eide said.

Obama and the cast of the coup:

Richard Holbrook, Peter Galbraith, Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai & Ali Ahmad Jalali and Joe Biden:

Deputy UN Chief, Afghanistan Peter Gabraith was recently fired (by his UN boss, Kai Eide) from the highest US Diplomatic position in the UN for Galbraith’s attempt (With the Obama Administrations blessing) to remove Afghan President Karzai from office.

According to Eide, Galbraith was plotting with the Obama Administration to replace Karzai with Ashraf Ghani, one of the lesser candidates in the vote. Galbraith confirmed discussing the idea within the UN, but insisted the talk never went beyond that."

President Obama was reportedly in favor of replacing Karzai shortly after taking office, but he decided in September that Karzai would remain in power, despite widespread poll fraud.

The plot by the Obama Administration by extra-constitutional means reminds me of his attempt to replace the “Honduran Constitutional removed Honduran President Zalaya”.

According to the NY Times:

“Mr. Eide, who is set to leave his job as head of the United Nations mission in Afghanistan by early next year, said Mr. Galbraith’s departure from Afghanistan in early September came immediately after he rejected what he described as Mr. Galbraith’s proposal to replace Mr. Karzai and install a more Western-friendly figure.

He said he told his deputy the plan was “unconstitutional, it represented interference of the worst sort, and if pursued it would provoke not only a strong international reaction” but also civil insurrection. It was during this conversation, Mr. Eide said, that Mr. Galbraith proposed taking a leave to the United States, and Mr. Eide accepted.”

“Vijay Nambiar, chief of staff to the United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, said that he was aware of Mr. Galbraith’s proposal to go to Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and develop support for the plan, and later learned of Mr. Karzai’s anger over the episode. Mr. Nambiar said it played a role in Mr. Galbraith’s firing.”

OK, so here you have Galbraith involved in two separate incidents of controversy.

One in Iraq that enriched him with a $100 million dollars from a private Norwegian Oil company and the other in Afghanistan with his attempt to circumvent elections and the constitution by unseating Karzai to replace him with a socialist (I will get into that later) that was handpicked by the Obama Administration.

The one thing I need to point out is the Norwegian Oil Company’s (DNO) Chief Executive Officer is a man named Helge Eide and the man that fired Galbraith from his UN position is a man named Kai Eide (who is from Norway).

The questions I need to pose are these:

Are Helge Eide and Kai Eide related?

One the one hand Galbraith receives $100 million from an Eide (CEO, DNO) and on the other hand he is fired by another man named Eide (UN Boss of Galbraith).

It is apparent that the Obama Administration, through Richard Holbrook and Peter Galbraith (both friends and allies since Bosnia) attempted to unseat Karzai and put in place a Obama friendly, Keynesian finance man in Ashraf Ghani despite all of the public denials. Every denial about this plot can be replaced with earlier news accounts of efforts that were entirely coordinated and purposefully executed by and for Obama.

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