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Bestowing Human Rights to inhuman behavior

The Systematic breakdown of our survival!

9/11 should have taught us and the world for that matter that Islamic terrorists are a determined bunch of religious inhumans that have no regards for “rules of engagement” in any conventional sense. They attack without regard to any of societal norms and utilize any method to achieve their goals of murder. They have shown time and again that they will kill women, children, elderly and handicap alike.

They operate out of places of worship, schools and hospitals. They do not don any uniform of any military unless it is to infiltrate their enemy armies. When they do engage those who fight them in the open, they do so behind women and children, ambulances and facades of neutrality. They do so in the name of Allah.

9/11 was a little more than 8 years ago yet a new weapon that Islam has added to their arsenal comes from within their enemy’s camp, Political Correctness. A bold example of this exploited weakness is Iran. Iran has openly stated its goal of “driving Israel into the sea” and their religious leaders as well as their President have stated openly and publicly that they will destroy the Jews. Even after this open, honest and disturbing revelation that is strikingly similar to Nazi Germany’s goal (The final solution) the world allows them to march towards weaponizing nuclear capabilities that will allow them to achieve their stated goals in a single stroke. Once they have destroyed Israel to a heap of smoldering ash they will then turn their new destructive force against infidels of others in the West.  Anyone of sound mind and reason surely knows this to be reality. If so, then why do we allow it to continue?

 Let’s look at the disturbing reality and who is perpetuating this demise of ours.

The best example of this is in a speech that John Brennan gave to CSIS in August 2009 detailed below. I will take direct excerpts from his speech that show how Obama and his Administration are acutely aware of the dangers listed above and continually lie to the American public on how they are strengthening the fight against Islamic terror. This will show that the only reason for these lies are to aid and abet a looming Islamic Caliphate that Osama Bin Laden and Iran have laid out openly in their call to Jihad.

I have written extensively about Mr. Brennan in the past in asking how he had managed to land the powerful White House appointment when, as the CEO of a private security company, was involved in a “breach” of State Department passport files during the 2008 presidential elections?

The investigation into this breach has shown that the employee of his security firm was “reprimanded” while the sole individual that was cooperating with the Government’s investigators was murdered (a case which has yet to be solved let alone move forward). I am not saying that Mr. Brennan or his company was directly involved in a murder but asking how a career CIA employee can reach a White House post when implicated in a serious breach of State Department records.

The “birther” movement has sought the coveted passport files, in legal arenas, to confirm Obama was not a US Citizen when he traveled to Indonesia as a child.

This highly protected information wound up in a private company’s hands and as a result the CEO of that very company is now in a key political position at the Whitehouse.

In August 2009 Mr. Brennan gave a 30 minute speech to the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a Non-partisan public policy institution dedicated to policy analysis and impact. Includes reports on homeland defense. The Institute touts itself as “non-partisan” it is anything but.

For instance, the current CEO of SCIS (since 2000) is John Hamre. He is also the “Chairman of the Defense Policy Board”.

Mr. Hamre lists his political affiliation as Republican, yet he was the Under Secretary of Defense under Bill Clinton (1993-1997) and has given political contribution to the following Democrats:

He donated to the Democratic National Committee ($9500 1994–2004 and Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee ($500 2000–2001). He was also a donor to Democrats Carl Levin of Michigan ($750 2002 & 2007), John Murtha of Pennsylvania ($1000 2008), Tom Daschle of South Dakota ($2000 2003–2004).

Mr. Brennan’s speech excerpts:

Brennan - “So I very much appreciate the opportunity to be here today and speak to all of you. What I want to do today is to talk about the new thinking and the new approach that President Obama brings to the task of safeguarding the American people from violent extremism and terrorism. President Obama has now been in office for but six months. In that time, he has rightly focused on urgent domestic challenges, including the nation’s economic recovery, reforming health insurance and reducing the cost of health-care for the American people.”

Note: Mr. Brennan admits that the “new approach” to protecting us is to “focus” on the domestic challenges of reforming health care and the reduction of that cost.

Brennan - “At the same time, however, he has never lost sight of what he has called his single most important responsibility as president – keeping the American people safe. To this end, he and Secretary of State Clinton have renewed America’s commitment to diplomacy, rebuilding old alliances, strengthening critical partnerships with nations such as Russia and China and naming special envoys and representatives to focus on some of the most pressing international challenges, from Middle East peace to Afghanistan and Pakistan to climate change to the crisis in Darfur.”

Note: Mr. Brennan admits the “single most important responsibility” of keeping America safe does not include Islamic terrorism, yet “climate change” figures prominently.

Brennan - “To confront the transnational threats of the 21st century, he has launched new initiatives: strengthening the global nonproliferation regime, promoting food security that fights world hunger and lifts people around the world out of poverty and bolstering the nation’s digital defense against cyber-attacks.”

Note: Obama has launched America’s nuclear disarmament while giving Iran lip service on their right to acquire nuclear energy (for peaceful purposes) that Iran has shown to be for military purposes.  Furthermore our own environmentalists deny our rights to develop "nuclear energy" to enable energy independance of foreign, middle eastern oil that fuels much of the financial Islamic terror against us.

Brennan - “And to refocus the fight against those who attacked our embassies in Africa 11 years ago tomorrow and our homeland eight years ago next month, the president is proceeding with his plan to end the war in Iraq and to defeat al-Qaida and its allies in Afghanistan and Pakistan. And to ensure that our counterterrorism efforts strengthen our national security and not undermine it, he banned the use of enhanced interrogation techniques, is proceeding with a new plan to swiftly and certainly deal with detainees and will close the prison at Guantanamo Bay.”

Note: The “refocus of the fight” is a contentious issue and has always been the Democrats plan and ending the war in Iraq has been the top issue. Mr. Brennan indicates that ending the war in Iraq is the first step to defeating al-Qaida. This is a disingenuous argument and here is why!

In arguing this point I must compliment the Bush strategy on taking the war to the elusive enemy (al-Qaida) who, up to the war in Iraq, operated in the shadows in hidden bases of anonymity, and bring them into a conventional theatre of military operations enabling us to kill them by the thousands.

To prove this point (Iraq as central to the fight against al-Qaida) I point to intelligence recovered after we killed the top al-Qaida leader in Iraq in June 2006.

Excerpts from the intercepted letter from Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi upon his death directed to Osama bin Laden:

al-Zarqawi  - “It thought that the matter would be somewhat easy. Even if there were to be difficulties, it would be easy. But it collided with a completely different reality.”

al-Zarqawi - “The American army has begun to disappear from some cities, and its presence is rare. An Iraqi army has begun to take its place, and this is the real problem that we face, since our combat against the Americans is something easy. The enemy is apparent, his back is exposed, and he does not know the land or the current situation of the mujahidin because his intelligence information is weak.”

al-Zarqawi - “These masses are the silent majority, absent even though present. “The hooligans following everyone and his brother hungered. They did not seek enlightenment from the light of science and did not take refuge in a safe corner.” These, even if in general they hate the Americans, wish them to vanish and to have their black cloud dissolve. But, despite that, they look forward to a sunny tomorrow, a prosperous future, a carefree life, comfort, and favor.”

al-Zarqawi  - “The Immigrant Mujahidin"

"Their numbers continue to be negligible as compared to the enormity of the expected battle. We know that the convoys of good are many, that the march of jihad continues, and that only confusion over the banner and a muffled reality keep many of them from [answering] the call to battle. What prevents us from [calling] a general alert is that the country has no mountains in which we can take refuge and no forests in whose thickets we can hide. Our backs are exposed and our movements compromised. Eyes are everywhere. The enemy is before us and the sea is behind us. Many an Iraqi will honor you as a guest and give you shelter as a peaceable brother. As for making his house into a base for launching [operations] and a place of movement and battle, this is rarer than red sulphur. For this reason, we have worn ourselves out on many occasions sheltering and protecting the brothers. This makes training the green newcomers like wearing bonds and shackles, even though, praise be to God and with relentless effort and insistent searching, we have taken possession of growing numbers of locations, praise be to God, to be base sites for brothers who are kindling [the fire of] war and drawing the people of the country into the furnace of battle so that a real war will break out, God willing.”

al-Zarqawi - “The Current Situation and the Future"

"There is no doubt that the Americans’ losses are very heavy because they are deployed across a wide area and among the people and because it is easy to procure weapons, all of which makes them easy and mouth-watering targets for the believers. But America did not come to leave, and it will not leave no matter how numerous its wounds become and how much of its blood is spilled. It is looking to the near future, when it hopes to disappear into its bases secure and at ease and put the battlefields of Iraq into the hands of the foundling government with an army and police that will bring the behavior of Saddam and his myrmidons back to the people. There is no doubt that the space in which we can move has begun to shrink and that the grip around the throats of the mujahidin has begun to tighten. With the deployment of soldiers and police, the future has become frightening.”

al-Zarqawi - “What has prevented us from going public is that we have been waiting until we have weight on the ground and finish preparing integrated structures capable of bearing the consequences of going public so that we appear in strength and do not suffer a reversal.”

al-Zarqawi - “If we fight them {and we must fight them}, we will confront one of two things. Either:

1 – We fight them, and this is difficult because of the gap that will emerge between us and the people of the land. How can we fight their cousins and their sons and under what pretext after the Americans, who hold the reins of power from their rear bases, pull back? The real sons of this land will decide the matter through experience. Democracy is coming, and there will be no excuse thereafter.

2 – We pack our bags and search for another land, as is the sad, recurrent story in the arenas of jihad, because our enemy is growing stronger and his intelligence data are increasing day by day. By the Lord of the Ka`ba, [this] is suffocation and then wearing down the roads. People follow the religion of their kings. Their hearts are with you and their swords are with Bani Umayya (the Umayyads), i.e., with power, victory, and security. God have mercy.”

In an article, dated June 24, 2007, the UK “Times Journal” titled “Where we fight al-Qaida, describes it most eloquently.

“America is at war with al-Qaida -- on that surely we can agree -- and we know that al-Qaida has bases in Pakistan. In fact, it is probable that Osama bin Laden resides at one of those bases. But we can't fight al-Qaida in Pakistan because Pakistan is an ally, and America does not violate the territorial integrity of its allies.

Al-Qaida is active in Gaza, according to Egyptian and Jordanian intelligence. Al-Qa-da supports Hamas, which has just waged a bloody -- and successful -- civil war against Fatah, its Palestinian rival. But we're not about to invade Gaza in pursuit of al-Qaida. Even Israel, which withdrew from Gaza two years ago, is not eager to return there.

In Lebanon, Fatah al-Islam, which is fighting the Lebanese government, is believed to be linked to al-Qaida. But the last time U.S. troops were in Lebanon, they were attacked by suicide-bombers dispatched by Hezbollah, a terrorist organization directed by the regime in Tehran. There is no way the United States is going to send troops into Lebanon again.

Groups linked to al-Qaida are in Somalia. We have supported Ethiopian troops fighting there. But a serious effort by Americans against al-Qaida in Somalia seems unlikely.

Al-Qaida cells operate in Europe. But it is problematic for American operatives to kill or capture terrorists there. To do so sparks allegations from the "human-rights community'' and the media about violations of international law, torture and secret prisons. Also, as has happened in Italy, it can lead to criminal prosecutions of Americans thought to be involved. So, America's ability to fight al-Qaida in Europe is-limited.

There are probably al-Qaida cells in the United States, too. One hopes the FBI is monitoring them. But until the members of these cells commit crimes, there is not much that can be done. On what basis could Mohammed Atta, ringmaster of the 9/11 hijackers, have been arrested on 9/10?

What's more, some judges and legal activists are now insisting that even combatants illegally in the United States are entitled to all the rights enjoyed by American citizens. If this view prevails, fighting al-Qaida within the United States will become even harder.

That leaves only two places where we know for sure al-Qaida and its associates are operating actively -- and very lethally -- and where the United States can send its best warriors against them with the approval of the local, elected governments. Those places are, of course, Iraq and Afghanistan.”

But many politicians, looking at polls showing Americans fatigued by a war that was not supposed to be so prolonged or arduous, now favor withdrawing from Iraq -- retreating from the battlefield al-Qaida calls the central front in their jihad against us.

If this is where members of Congress want to go, they ought to be honest about where it leads: al-Qaida will still be waging a war against us, but we will no longer be waging much of a war against al-Qaida.”

The “many politicians” and “members of Congress” the article speak of are not from the Conservative side of the isle. In fact, just weeks into the 2003 invasion of Iraq the left had started using the word “quagmire”.

Neil Abercrombie (D) in October 2003;

John Kerry (In December 2005 on abc news said “And there is no reason, Bob, that young American soldiers need to be going into the homes of Iraqis in the dead of night, terrorizing kids and children, you know, women, breaking sort of the customs of the – of – the historical customs, religious customs," Kerry said. "Whether you like it or not ... Iraqis should be doing that.")

Barack Obama, "within a mere matter of weeks, Obama had moved to align himself with the most extreme critics of the war. This re-positioning coincided with the announcement of his presidential candidacy on February 10, 2007. “It’s time to start bringing our troops home,” Obama said forcefully as he launched his run. “That’s why I have a plan that will bring our combat troops home by March of 2008.”"

John Murtha,  "accused the Marines of murder on May 18, 2006 (twenty-one days before Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed by US Forces).

Lacy Clay (On June 16th, 2006 stated “This war has made us more vulnerable to terrorism and our national security is still at risk.” Mr. Clay strongly opposed the original force authorization to invade Iraq in 2003.

The Congressman strongly endorsed the resolution proposing a strategic redeployment in Iraq that was offered earlier this year by Congressman John Murtha (D) Pennslyvania. “I commend my courageous colleague, Mr. Murtha. I support his call to implement a strategic redeployment from Iraq and I implore my colleagues to have the good sense to listen to the American people and to support the call to redeploy our troops,” said Mr. Clay.

This statement was 9 days after the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

Harry Reid ("I believe myself that the secretary of state, secretary of defense and — you have to make your own decisions as to what the president knows — (know) this war is lost and the surge is not accomplishing anything as indicated by the extreme violence in Iraq yesterday (April 17, 2007).”

Finally, and yes, John Brennan (the very man who was delegated the task of investigating the Ft. Hood massacre at the hands of a “home grown” Islamic terrorist.

I could go on and on and cite sourced information to show that the Democrats have undercut success in Iraq and every opportunity (except when they Congressional Democrats overwhelmingly approved Bush and his Iraq invasion).

This brings me back to the John Brennan CSIS speech and his disingenuous stance on Iraq.

Brennan - “During a 25-year career in government, I saw firsthand the mayhem and destruction that terrorists wreak. I have seen close friends and fellow intelligence officers – good, courageous, heroic Americans – injured, maimed and killed in terrorist attacks. Eight years ago this morning, I read warnings that Osama bin Laden was determined to strike inside the U.S. but our government was unable to prevent the worst terrorist attack in American history that would occur on 9/11.

In the years since, I have seen significant progress made in safeguarding the American people; unprecedented coordination and information-sharing between federal agencies and with state and local governments; improved security at our border and ports of entry; disruption of terrorist recruitment and financing; and a degradation of al-Qaida’s ability to plan and execute attacks. And credit for much of this progress belongs to our armed forces, diplomats, intelligence officers and law enforcement personnel at every level. They risk their lives; many have given their lives. And this nation owes them an enormous debt of gratitude.

Note: Here Brennan admits that in the 25 years of service he has seen “first hand” devastation of terror. He goes on in the second paragraph to say: “In the years since, I have seen significant progress made in safeguarding the American people; unprecedented coordination and information-sharing between federal agencies and with state and local governments; improved security at our border and ports of entry; disruption of terrorist recruitment and financing; and a degradation of al-Qaida’s ability to plan and execute attacks. This unprecedented information-sharing did not prevent the Ft. Hood terror attack that he is now tasked (in another 9/11 Commission style investigation that he had testified similarly) with investigating. Improvement at our borders show that we have failed to even build the “wall” that Congress signed into law (because of groups aligned with Democrats and Democrat politicians themselves). Brennan also trumpets “disruption of terrorist recruitment”? Democrats have always stated that Iraq and Afghanistan were recruitment vehicles for increased membership. Finally, in regards to financing the New York Times has twice divulged secret intelligence information regarding secret wiretaps and terror banking giving terrorist a “heads-up on how we monitor them and in turn severely damaging our future ability to track them.

Brennan - “He (Obama) is confronting what he has identified as the most immediate and extreme threat to global security – the possibility that terrorists will obtain and use a nuclear weapon. That is why he has taken a number of critical steps, leading the effort for a stronger global nonproliferation regime, launching an international effort to secure the world’s vulnerable nuclear material in four years and hosting a global nuclear summit next year.

The risk of just one terrorist with just one nuclear weapon is a risk we simply cannot afford to take. To ensure our military has the new capabilities and technology it needs for this fight, he accelerated the increase in the size of the Army and the Marines, has approved another increase in the size of the Army, is expanding our Special Forces and is increasing the intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance assets our troops need in Afghanistan.

Note: The biggest risk of terrorists obtaining and using a nuclear weapon is from Iran, a destabilized Pakistan or from North Korea on the black market. All three areas Obama has shown a weak and misguided policy. Obama has insisted that Iran talk at some dream table, which they will never do and have shown the world (like Sadaam Hussein did) that he will defy the world community in order to acquire the bomb. Likewise, his foreign policy on North Korea is akin to what Jimmy Carter had achieved. Finally, Obama’s policy on Pakistan has been like hitting a bee hive with a bat and rising anti-American sentiments that further erode the safety of their nuclear arsenal.

Obama could not even handle an Islamic Somali Pirate, what makes Mr. Brennan and Obama as well as the rest of Democrat appeasers think they can do a better job than the Bush Doctrine by talking and dismantling our intelligence, military and diplomatic corps to a point of absurdity?

They cannot. Look at the Flying Imams and what they were able to achieve even after 9/11 terrorists high-jacked airplanes and used them as weapons that killed 3,000 Americans. Since that time there has been 2 other incidents of Muslim men doing what the Imams did and nothing has been reported in the MSM about it.

We are in a world of hurt with these individuals who put feelings above action and lawyers on battlefields to read “Miranda rights” to enemy combatants for future trial in a New York Courtroom. Their pre 9/11 mentality will get a lot of people killed and it has just begun with Ft. Hood, but again we will never hear about that because people like John Brennan will handled the information that will be disseminated to the public in true ACORN fashion.

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