Thursday, December 24, 2009

Canaries in the Coal mine

Ex-Clinton Commerce Secretary rings warning bell for Democrats

William Daley wrote an opinion piece in the Washington Post lamenting the recent defection of Representative Parker Griffith as the latest “warning sign” that the Democrats had better chart a more moderate course or risk electoral disaster?

I wonder if it was the 8+ million “pink slips” that Griffith’s Congressional Office was flooded with or perhaps his constituent’s angry phone calls.

It is amazing how the Liberals were saying the same about the Republican Party just a year ago. They went even farther than “Republicans had better abandon the sharp veer to the right” language and proclaimed the “Republican Party” was dead.

If, for once the socialists that harkened the “death” of their opposition (like doctors calling the time of death of a patient) were actually true then it is obvious that their (left) behavior over the last year is so horrendous that it actually brought something back from the dead. A “sort of like” Republican Frankenstein with the mad doctor screaming “its alive, its alive”..

Let us set aside the fact that Americans do not want this Healthcare Bill which passed last night in the Senate. It is the fact that this country is predominantly Christian (80%+) and that they chose the holiest night, Christmas eve, to shove this down our throats is symbolic of the Democrats disregard for all constituents and this Abortion laden bill that will force Christians to pay for procedures that their belief system is diametrically opposed to. Terrorist love to employ their acts on dates with meaning just as the Democrats have done, coincidence?

According to Daley he states “All that is required for the Democratic Party to recover its political footing is to acknowledge that the agenda of the party's most liberal supporters has not won the support of a majority of Americans -- and, based on that recognition, to steer a more moderate course on the key issues of the day, from health care to the economy to the environment to Afghanistan.

For liberals to accept that inescapable reality is not to concede permanent defeat. Rather, let them take it as a sign that they must continue the hard work of slowly and steadily persuading their fellow citizens to embrace their perspective. In the meantime, liberals -- and, indeed, all of us -- should have the humility to recognize that there is no monopoly on good ideas, as well as the long-term perspective to know that intraparty warfare will only relegate the Democrats to minority status, which would be disastrous for the very constituents they seek to represent.

In order for the Democrats to pass this bill we, the American public witnessed to overt bribery of certain “centrists and Blue Dogs”.

That fact has not gone un-noticed by certain powerful Democrats as Charles Schumer held a press conference after the vote last night to proclaim that “every state got special treatment in the Obamacare legislation”.

States aren’t buying what Schumer is selling. They are angry that certain legislators received a “free ride” while the majority of States will have to absorb the up tick in Medicaid costs due to this bill. Not only, will the other states have to foot this bill, but will also have to pay for those who got the special treatment (bribe) that they did not.

According to the Bloomberg interview “The Medicaid deal hasn’t been well received in some corners. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina called the agreements “backroom deals that amount to bribes.”

New York Governor David Paterson said today the Senate legislation would cost the state more than $1 billion a year in lost Medicaid reimbursements. “It’s not fair,” he said at a news conference at his Manhattan office.”

GOP to sue:

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott said Tuesday that he and top prosecutors in a half-dozen other states plan to challenge the constitutionality of a health care compromise that exempts Nebraska from paying billions in Medicaid expansion costs, forcing other states to shoulder a bigger burden for the low-income insurance program.

Abbott, a Republican, announced the plan just hours after filing to seek re-election to a third four-year term as the state's top legal officer. Abbott's decision prompted his friend and former deputy Ted Cruz to scrap what had been a high-profile bid to succeed him.

The Texas attorney general said he will join with Republican counterparts in up to six other states to challenge what they call the "Nebraska Compromise," the political deal that secured Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson's crucial vote on a massive health care package in exchange for concessions for his state.

The op-ed by Daley insists that the Parker defection is the proverbial “canary” in the coal mine for the Democrats, but I believe the actual canary was Democrat Senator Zell Miller in 2004. The anti-war, pre-9/11 mentality of the Democrats was the impetus that was followed by years of Democrat campaign lies leading up to this disastrous bill passed on Christmas Eve. Whatever shred of credibility any Democrat has had up until today has just been lost forever with the American public. I also believe that there will be multiple states that will pass Constitutional amendments to reject this Federal grab for power and a grassroots upswing that will decimate them once and for all. If the GOP is unwilling to go back to its conservative roots, the very roots of the so-called “astro-turf” tea party espouse, then they too will be listening to canaries of their own.

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  1. These democrats are going to get what is coming to them. I expect the angry mob has only been awoken. If they think the tea parties and the town hall meetings were met by anger, they really haven't seen anything yet.