Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Is Marshall Law in the US pending?

The US Government is ready, are you?

FBI Infraguard Program - Est 1996 Pres William Jefferson Clinton

”Tasked by the FBI to provide "informational analysis" on conditions which could be construed as potentially harmful to civil order and national security, InfraGard, of the FBI's National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC), issued an unclassified Protective Intelligence Communication report in March 2009 regarding the "crescendo" of public concern about Obama's presidential eligibility.

Authored by Dr. Lyle J. Rapacki, Protective Intelligence Specialist and Agent, the report summarizes the substance of legal challenges to Obama on the question of his constitutional eligibility and concludes that if it "should be discovered Mr. Obama is ineligible, a constitutional crisis would ensue attempting to determine which of his executive branch orders should be valid." It goes on to warn that "if...Mr. Obama fights revealing his documentation, there is growing concern of civil unrest, or worse, being unleashed in the streets of our nation. The economic crisis coupled with this type of a constitutional crisis could prove to be a flashpoint that would test conventional law enforcement and elements of homeland security."

The stream of law suits, the most recent of which have been tendered by high ranking military officers and state legislators, to compel Obama to prove his eligibility have been unremitting and increasingly vocal. A request for "quo warranto" action, an apparent last-ditch legal remedy, was recently delivered to both the US Attorney for the District of Columbia and to the Attorney General.

Dovetailing with this unsettling assessment, and pretty much out of public view, are the following national security developments which, in their totality, could well signal acute domestic instability in the period ahead.

Upon the recommendation of the Army's Strategic Studies Institute, The Army Times reported that a somewhat euphemistically dubbed "Consequence Management Response Force (CCMRF)," currently the role of the 3rd Infantry Division's 1st Brigade Combat Team, but which, reportedly, might eventually comprise upwards of 80,000 troops, is being trained and readied to deal with what could be widespread civil disorder resulting from an "unforeseen economic collapse" or "loss of a functional political and legal order."

Symptomatic of festering civil unrest are the many "tea parties" springing up around the country, growing fears of economic disintegration and of both crippling terrorist attacks and even of perceived federal overreaching. Add to this the very real threat of a rogue nuclear EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) attack on the homeland which could instantaneously reduce the country to a paralytic pre-industrial condition, plus the unrest on our southern border, and there appears to be ample and justifiable cause for concern and appropriate contingency planning at every level of government.”

So the real question is will local, State and Federal law enforcement personnel turn their firearms against their neighbors and family. The same question is asked about active duty military personnel do the same? Infraguard is a tool that the Government has in place to enforce their domestic homeland Marshall Law plans but how will everyday Americans who believe in the Constitution react to them in a time of perceived crisis?

There are many groups mentioned above (i.e., tea parties, birthers and returning vets) that are viewed as an impetus to civil unrest due to concerns about the motive of these groups.

Infraguad boasts membership of 34,000+ members in all 50 states but there are other groups out there that are educating everyday Americans (especially active duty military, veterans and law enforcement who have taken their “constitutional oaths”) about their solemn commitments to the Constitution of the US to prevent the trampling of individual liberties in a time of civil unrest or extreme Constitutional crisis or economic meltdown. These groups are asking each member to not get caught up in turning their sights on their own countrymen, but on those who are the true “domestic enemies of our Constitution”.

The two groups that come to mind, who boast membership increasing by the day due to these concerns are “Oath Keepers” and Resist.Net.

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