Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The exceptional American Political Corruption!

Bribes in the open, backroom deals and arm twisting!

There are many that say when Obama won the White House, so did “Chicago Style” politics. Many instances of paybacks for political favors or quid pro quo paybacks are more transparent than those in power have promised during the elections.

The American Heritage dictionary:

Bribe – “Something, such as money or a favor, offered or given to induce or influence a person to act dishonestly”.

There have been a number of investigations, indictments and convictions that have occurred in Illinois recently that involve much the same “modus operendi.” Tony Rezko, Rod Blagojevich and many others in Chicago (Mayor Daley’s office) that have direct connections to Obama’s name and in fact his name is mentioned in many of the indictments as well as Valerie Jarrett, Rahm Emanuel and others in his Administration.

While these convictions and jail sentences are handed out to those involved directly, our Congress is virtually doing the same illegal things.

Listed below are some of the bribes the Democrats have received for their States for their support of a bill that the majority of American Taxpayers DO NOT WANT. To add insult to injury, the bribes to those listed below will also come out of your pocket to make up for the “Medicaid passes” those States are to receive.

The “Louisiana Purchase” as it was dubbed was breathtaking in its covert openness (how is that for an oxymoron?). The legalese written for this bribe to being eligible for this $300 million for “hurricane relief over the past 7 years” assured that only Louisiana could collect. Mary Landrieu received $300 million (Medicaid relief) for her State when she sold her vote for cash, your (taxpayer) cash by the way.

Ben Nelson sold his soul for future exemptions for his States Medicaid expenses.

Harry Reid, the author and coordinator of this criminal enterprise called “Health Care Reform” cut a deal for Nevada to get in on the action.

On September 22nd, the Las Vegas Sun reported “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid secured a deal today that would give Nevada full, 100 percent funding in the Senate health care bill for an initial expansion of Medicaid.”

On September 22nd, Propublica reported that Congressman Mike Ross and his wife sold an Arkansas property to “big pharma” for hundreds of thousand dollars more than it was worth.

On November 20th, Michelle Malkin compiled the “bribe list”. It includes the following:

AARP - $18 million in stimulus money & Medi-gap Royalty/kickback Scheme

California Rep. Sam Farr’s $300 million dollar exception

The Abortion Lobby

Big Labor (Unions)

$10 million to big labor’s mismanaged pensions bailout.

The question being floated out in cyberspace is (with so few getting inducements) “is your Congressman too stupid to get a bribe?”

Glen Reynolds said it best

"Every election is an advance auction of stolen goods." This is just dividing the loot. It should remind people that the more power and money they give to the government, the more power and money will be spent in the purchase of . . . yet more power and money for the government.”

Just like “Operation Board Games” investigation in Chicago, the “Healthcare bribe bill” is similar to the illegalities of the massive fraud perpetrated by those politicians using their influence and power for personal gain.

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