Monday, December 14, 2009

The liars and the lies they tell!

Compounded lies are hard to contain!

Even with the aid of the MSM around the globe there are a few prominent lies that have been exposed and quickly unraveling.

The first has to do with the e-mail climate-gate lies that have been recently uncovered and it is almost amusing watching the liars scurrying about for cover (if it wasn’t so serious) like cock roaches in the light.

The exposed emails could not have been better timed (just before the Copenhagen Summit). While all of the private jets were being fueled for takeoff to lavishly dine on shrimp and caviar the word leaked out that the scientists who have bullied their science upon the world have been exposed as fabricators.

In face of all the evidence, they still boarded their jets and brushed off the evidence like it meant nothing. Never mind the base for the “settled science” according to the UN and Greeners has evaporated, they still cling to moral superiority.

Al Gore is one example of this when he addressed the conference and told more lies upon lies about the artic ice depletion and then admitted, after confronted with the true evidence, conceded the “mistake”. According to Gore’s office, the facts he spewed in his Copenhagen speech was from “an old, ballpark figure”. Me thinks the same for the “settled scientific consensus” = “old, ballpark figures without any merit”!

The best line I have heard that sums it up best is this:

"They Claim They're Green Because They're Too Yellow to Admit They're Red,"

The next lie that is about to unravel for Obama is the contact and duplicity surrounding the embattled Governor of Illinois (Rod Blagojevich) who recently came out to say that “the dog ate his evidence” excuse.

It was learned today that his defense team is demanding that the FBI and Government attorneys hand over the investigative interviews of President Obama, Vallerie Jarrett, and Rahm Emanual. You remember, the same incident that the President’s “internal investigation” cleared them of any wrong doing.

With so many lies to keep track of, it should be an interesting 2010. Look for Blago to cut a deal to save his skin and through Obama and his Chicago thugs and thieves under the bus. He will be “singing like a canary” just like his buddy Tony Rezko who has yet to be sentenced for his conviction due to his own version of canary song.

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