Saturday, December 5, 2009

Two things are certain, Death and Taxes!

But we can change the outcome when taxes cause deaths!

People ask me “aren’t you afraid” (as it pertains to the loss of America)? I reply that most people that live in fear are fearful of tomorrow. I am not fearful of tomorrow because I live for today. That is where the fight is for America is taking place, today. It is not happening tomorrow because if we do not fight today, there may be no tomorrow to fight for.

I decided long ago to know who the enemies of liberty are, to study their tactics and beliefs but more importantly, their goals.

I have also decided that any information I needed to understand them, once identified, would not come from traditional media sources. Instead, I went into their lairs (websites) and read, in their own words, what their intentions are. Ironically they are all not so dissimilar to Obama and his giant ego because they openly flaunt their ideologies and their strategies on how they will change the very fabric of this nation. Make no mistake about it, they are enemies of America, they are extremely well funded (mostly from our own tax dollars) and organized.

I am not fearful because I know in my heart that there are legions of Americans that believe as I do and do not wish for them to succeed in their ambitious goals. The legions I speak about are grass-root organizations (which at first were not organized, yet were wildly successful) such as “Tea Party” patriots, Oath Keepers, ResistNet and others are rising in such numbers that is causing an overwhelming tidal wave of pushback.

The same MSM outlets (as well as Politicians) that ignored the groundswell of tea party participants are also the ones that have, in the last 15+ days ignored the “climategate email scandal” exposing the fraud of the global warming alarmist. Those in that camp have not only ignored the information that has proven to discredit their “consensus” they have actually “doubled down” on pressing the issue forward to try to save the Copenhagen Summit.

There are trillions of dollars at stake for those who have pushed this agenda on a global scale and more importantly the very sovereignty of the United States as well.

The stakes are simply too much for them to concede in their criminality of fraud. They have the luxury of this too because they control the criminal justice apparatus of most countries.

The ability to tax the citizenry of the US by a small group of foreign, unelected few will change our lives forever. This must be stopped. This brings me back to the title of this article only two things are certain, death and taxes and the ruling elites have just made “death taxes” permanent, but everything else is up for change.

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  1. your post reminded me of a picure I'd seen - scroll down to see photo

    Death, Taxes, and 'broke down' all in one photo.