Wednesday, December 9, 2009

America's Living Room wishes you a "White Christmas"


  1. Why's it gotta be a White Christmas? Racist.

    Back at ya! And the Happiest of New Year's as well, to you and yours!

    Long Live the Republic!

  2. Loved it, although I really hope we don't have a white Christmas here. I hate snow!

    Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas, rosey. :)

  3. I come from the neck of the woods that enjoy all four seasons and love the fresh blanket of snow when it arrives. It allows for the warmth of family when they retreat indoors around a fire "like the good old days before electronic media forced family members into isolationism behavior".

    It is just another example of the America values that this individual is taking it upon himself to defend against tyranny and socialism. That said, thanks for your comments and may "all your Christmas' be white" (No, Don not in the racist (I know your being funny here unlike liberals who would take that seriously) sense or in the cocain sense or in the pc sense). Just plain ol' Christian fellowship sense that enjoys a "personal relationship with god" kinda sense.