Thursday, December 17, 2009

Is it US or them?

Islamic terror intelligence capabilities at work?

Yesterday, I posted an article at “America’s Living Room” titled “Open Letter to Joint Chiefs of Staff”. Within moments I received a three “hits” to the article and I mean quickly. Too quickly, if you know what I mean! The first was located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan (IP followed 15 seconds later located in Singapore, Singapore (IP and finally again, in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan (IP 10 seconds later.

All three zeroed in to this specific article. This information was, to me, startling. I was not so alarmed that I was visited by three different Islamic States, but startled because of how quickly they “sniffed” out the obvious “key words” in my article title “Joint Chiefs of Staff”.

The Punjab province in Lahore is teaming with al Qaida hideouts and it is not unreasonable to think that the CIA may have a station there in their midst. On the other hand we know that terrorist utilize a wide array of electronics to communicate and ply their deadly craft of death so it is not unreasonable to also think that they have a sophisticated “sniffer type” software to monitor us.

The FBI had control of “Project Carnivore” until its purported abandonment due to civil liberty concerns and the subsequent availability of more sophisticated commercial software called NarusInsight.

The question I have in the “sniffer” action against “America’s Living Room” is, was US or them?

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  1. What out for suicide bombers in the neighborhood looking for 13 virgins.