Sunday, April 20, 2014

You want some answers

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There have been a lot of questions that many Americans are asking these days because the landscape in which we find ourselves are quite foreign.

Here are a few!

Why is the Federal Government, through it's various Agencies, purchasing so much ammunition?

There are many answers to these questions when the BLM attempted to wrangle some cattle in the Nevada desert at the end of a gun.  During this heated operation that was ordered (though this is still debated because of the fingerprints of Harry Reid, China and Rory Reid all over it), organized and executed by the Bureau of Land Management it seems we are beginning to understand the need for the ammo.

The impetus for this armed action of the Federal Government over a private American citizen was an elusive unpaid cattle grazing fee.  There is an amount being bandied about in the MSM somewhere around $1 million dollars though the Government, through court transcripts never quantified this amount and it may be a little as a couple hundred thousand.  Be that as it may, it should send warning bells ringing that our Government is storming in, guns pointed, in order to collect a monetary debt.  The Bundy's were not targeted because of terrorism or gun running that would justify an armed incursion to bring them to justice.  They were targeted because of an uncollected monetary debt.  Through the years, the Government has had it's eyes on this land and first attempted to reclassify the grazing area as a habitat for a turtle that the other Government agency said was being endangered because it could not compete for the food that the cattle was consuming against.  So the MSM is now arguing that the Bundy's are law breakers therefore why shouldn't they be arrested, by force if necessary.  Then you have the angle that the MSM, Harry Reid and many other Democrats arguing that the Bundy supporters are domestic terrorists.  Of course these are the same domestic terrorists that are against the Federal Government and it's overreaching power grab.  You know, grandma and her friends who call themselves tea party activists.  The same people that Janet Napolitano and Homeland Security wrote those law enforcement memo's about.  The same people that have been holding training drills against in many US cities across the land.

We have gone from "Debtors Prisons" to "Debtors firing squads" here.  It is not enough that those in positions to use these over armed federal agencies to target individuals that disagree with them but that use of power is becoming more and more frequent.

In 2000, the INS stormed a private residence in Miami at gun point and took a boy to return him to Cuba.  Elian Gonzales.  Janet Reno and the Clinton Administration (with the help of Eric Holder) ordered it. 

Some years previous (1993) to this action listed above, Janet Reno and President Clinton cut their chops on another government raid in Waco Texas.  76 people inside lost their lives.

The MSM has attempted to aid the BLM and their Federal handlers by painting the Bundy's as law breakers while ignoring the other explosive story that involves Harry Reid, his son Rory and his clients the Chinese Government. 


  1. As of now, however, the citizen still out guns the government, by perhaps 100 guns to every one a BLM agent has.

    As a former Army guy, though, I can tell you for certain that there is no way any army unit will be mobilized to fire on Americans. Won't happen.

    I can't, however, speak for these BLM revenoo-ers, however. But all of these agents are quite out of their league when they try to use force against a righteous and armed civilian opposition.

    Waco ended differently, since David Koresh wanted to die a martyr, and did so. Most armed civilians have no inent on dying as martyrs.

  2. I normally do not comment on "comments" as I do not wish to get into arguments or try to push my point of view with that I write. But, I must do so here.

    "Well said Fredd"

    I have said this to my "circle" of friends who are worried that the US Government is going to install martial law and in the process will fire upon it's citizens to overthrow this fine country and install a more permanent despotism led one. I tell them basically what you have said. I, like you, am a former military member who to this day still takes his oath to uphold and defend the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic. I explain to the nay sayers that they should have faith in the American populace (including Military, ex-Military, law enforcement, etc) to know that Obama can purge the military while simultaneously build a "civilian" militarized force in an ATTEMP to achieve this goal. I tell them that those who are purged from positions in the military and police because they do not pass Obama's test of whether they will fire upon their neighbors if ordered, will simple transfer to the civilian populace where they will be standing shoulder to shoulder with us. Furthermore, those who do drink the koolaid and are given positions within Obama's new army will have to face battle hardened, street hardened ex-police and ex-military where they will have to actually have to fight. Fighting is simply not in their DNA. These new lefties that are brainwashed in loving Che and revolution have not the will nor the fortitude to actually work for it and lay down their lives in defense of their goals like their opposition will (that would be us). Finally, these youngsters fresh from the college indoctrination centers who leave the comfort of their parents basements (think of "pajama boy") to don a BLM, FEMA, IRS or other federal bureau uniform that has been purchasing millions of rounds of ammo for this revolution will not last more than their collective (pun intended) attention spans because mom will be ringing the dinner bell.

  3. Exactly, Rosie. Exactly. These Occupy Wall Street scumbags' only weapon that they are qualified with is hurling whatever they can excrete, much like chimpanzees.

    They wouldn't know which end of a rifle to put the rounds into. There's just no way that an army of liberals will ever be able to put down an armed conservative population: they just don't know how, and don't have the training, much less the guts.

    I know this is true just as I know the sun rises in the east.