Monday, July 29, 2019

Death by a thousand cuts

The 2016 US Presidential election has exposed many things the Democrats would rather remain in the shadowy world of the deep state. In many ways Tammany Hall lives on for the party as kings are selected by the few in smoke-filled backroom deals. The last election caught the deal maker’s off-guard when it became apparent Bernie Sanders was similar to Donald Trump as an “outsider” with a massive following. Though Bernie wasn’t a true outsider in the sense of political experience like Trump, he wasn’t a Democrat either. To the Democrat insiders, he wasn’t a “card carrying member”. This is why the kingmakers had to remove him. Their anointed one (Hillary) must have been horrified to see Sanders filling stadiums, like Trump, with the energy they could only dream of. We now know the DNC took him out under the leadership of Donna Brazile in conjunction with the Clinton camp. It still boggles the mind Bernie Sanders never pursued this legally, especially since the kingmakers are targeting him again for defeat.

How many times have we heard recently that the overcrowded field the Democrats have, or are trying to “out-left” each other? The entire field of candidates are floating extreme left positions. This is intentional as the chorus of extreme voices are diluting his platform. With each communist position they tout, the weaker he becomes. The longer this burgeoning field remains large his chances of success dwindle from “death by a thousand cuts”. In addition to his detested popularity, he is also hamstrung by the fact he is white and male. If you want to understand reality over what the MSM tells you through false polls, look to the crowds everyone draws to their campaign events. When you contrast or compare them, both Trump and Bernie filled each venue to capacity with exuberant voters. This was true in 2016 and it’s true today. Though it’s true Bernie is a flawed candidate (rich, white and an avowed socialist) he is the only one in the field of “D’s” that has a shot at Trump. This could be a problem for the king-maker’s plans to install their establishment choice for their candidate. They are fearful when dilution candidates drop out, one by one, their constituents may instead go to Sanders again. So, who will the eventual candidate be? Will they come from the overcrowded field already presented to the public, or will they trot out a last minute dark horse savior? This savior will have to be 10 feet tall and bullet proof to overcome Trump. Is this savior from the existing presidential candidate? Bernie Sanders thinks he can but can he overcome the Democrats before he even gets to Trump? It is not likely. So, who then?

Who is in the wings that has star power (like Trump and Sanders)? Who will the media embrace, as well as Hollywood? Who can reverse everything Trump has reversed that Obama relied upon for his legacy?

With the steady drumbeat of racism charges against Trump running amok in the MSM and Hollywood, the ideal candidate should be African American, or a woman. The utopian pick be both an African American woman with star power. Can you think of one that fits the bill? So clear the decks, a new captain will be at the helm of the Titanic and her name is Obama.

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