Saturday, October 26, 2019

Co-incidents or Coincidence

Habitual criminals have a handicap, a thing called "Modus Operandi (MO).

On May 8th of this year a curious news item hit the wire when President Trump received a request from Rod Blagojevich to pardon him. In August of this year, President Trump indicated he was giving it serious consideration and went as far as saying “Blagojevich has been in jail for seven years because of a phone call where nothing happens”. Does this in any way shape or form sound familiar (Trumps Ukraine phone call)? In essence, Donald J. Trump has empathy towards the man who was convicted of conspiracy charges related to his attempt to sell the appointment filling the vacated Senate seat of Barack Obama.
Rod Blagojevich was certainly guilty of trying to leverage a Senate seat for personal enrichment, but his biggest mistake was that Obama himself was attempting to do the very same thing. America was introduced to Chicago style politics.
Obama entered his Presidency under a cloud of corruption. There was a big to do when Obama’s name surfaced in court filings over the matter. This is when America was introduced to a favorite trick Obama has used many times since, the internal investigation. If you remember it was Greg Craig (Obama White House Council) who would look into the matter and then wrote the report exonerating Obama from any wrongdoing. A little history on Greg Craig. Mr. Craig was one of the trial defense attorneys for John Hinkley Jr. (Regan would-be assassin). Mr. Craig also represented Elian Gonzales father from Cuba that resulted in his return to the communist country. So Obama sidesteps controversy and Blagojevich takes the fall. Could it be that Donald Trump sent his consideration of pardoning of Blagojevich as a way to turn him into a participating witness to the crimes of Obama?
Coincidentally, at the same time period as the Pay for Play scheme for Obama’s Senate seat, Trump questions Obama’s birth certificate publically and is labelled a “birther” (think about everything Trump has said (100%) and labelled as lies that actually were true). Trump understands if the current investigations penetrate into the Obama Whitehouse, then a whole new can of worms will be opened. The Russian collusion, Mueller investigation and now an impeachment push over a “phone call where nothing happens” are just the opening act to divert attention away from the iceberg sitting just below the surface.
For instance, when the evidence is finally released showing the Russians innocent of “hacking the DNC servers” and showing the breach of these servers came from inside the DNC (Seth Rich) then all bets are off. Not only will it prove there was no “there, there” as it pertains to Trump colluding with the Russians to win the 2016 elections, but instead was an inside job. Seth Rich was upset at how the DNC was manipulating the party to sabotage Bernie Sanders chance at winning the nomination over Hillary. The unsolved murder of Seth Rich will jump to the forefront. So is it any surprise that the DNC refused the FBI's demands for their servers they claimed hacked by the Russians? Instead the DNC hire an outside security firm (Crowd Strike) to back the Russian hacking claim. Just as the Obama admin had Greg Craig perform an internal investigation upon his transition to get rid of the pay for play Senate seat claims, the same tactic was used by the DNC when they hired Crowd Strike. 
Again, coincidentally, at the same time period in the run-up to the 2008 Presidential elections the State Department passport files of Presidential candidates (McCain, Clinton and Obama) were breached. It was found the culprits were “outside independent contractors” from a security firm owned by John Brennan . Did Brennan scrub Obama’s passport files (which would show Obama’s birth of record) while at the same time digging dirt on Obama presidential political opponents. Again coincidentally, the only person who promised to cooperate in the breach investigation was found murdered. Obama wins the White House and who does he bring in as the White House Intel chief? John Brennan. Was this the quid pro quo for his help with the breach? Then Brennan is elevated to CIA chief. The rest they say is history.

At a time when Mao ornaments are hung on the White House Christmas tree Brennan, the self-admitted former Communist (who voted for Gus Hall for President) sits in the White House and then the Director of the CIA.  What could go wrong? If Obama is ever a true target of federal investigators they will find all kinds of things. Things like Obama's true birth origin. If it's Kenya, then every single thing he signed or approved will have to be reversed. Talk about a constitutional crisis.

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