Thursday, April 8, 2010

18 States now join to challenge Obama Care

Where are the protestors against the states action

Reuters just published an article that explains 18 States have joined Florida in the court challenge of the new Healthcare bill. Reuters explains that all of these state have Republican governors in an attempt to show the Republican opposition. I counter that thought with the fact that if the population of these states opposed their elected leaders decision to oppose the bill, then where are the protestors in favor of Obamacare? You won’t find it.

Just to get the record straight, Obama and the Democrats have told us for over a year now that the “majority” of Americans actually want this healthcare bill in spite of the “tea party” opposition that they claim is anything but grassroots opposition and is more Insurance lobby paid political hacks out in the crowds.

You look at the population numbers below and you will find more than 1/3 total US population (which the 18 states represent) support this fight. The total number of states that have lined up to fight this legislation is more than 1/3 of the total states. Is this a majority?

Florida population = 18,537,969 (2009 est.) ranked 4th in US

Texas population = 24,782,302 (2009 est.) ranked 2nd in US

South Carolina population = 4,561,242 (2009 est.) ranked 24th in US

Nebraska population = 1,796,619 (2009 est.) ranked 38th in US

Indiana population = 6,423,113 (2009 est.) ranked 16th in the US

North Dakota population = 646,844 (2009 est.) ranked 48th in US

Mississippi population = 2,938,618 (2008 est.) ranked 31st in US

Utah population = 2,736,424 (2008 est.) ranked 34th in US

Alabama population = 4,661,900 (2008 est.) ranked 23rd in US

Nevada population = 2,643,085 (2009 est.) ranked 35th in US

Arizona population = 6,595,778 (2009 est.) ranked 15th in US

Colorado population = 5,024,748 (2009 est.) ranked 8th in US

Michigan population = 10,045,697 (2008 est.) ranked 8th in US

Pennsylvania population = 12,604,767 (2009 est.) ranked 6th in the US

Washington population = 6,664,195 (2009 est.) ranked 13th in US

South Dakota population = 812,383 (2009 est.) ranked 46th in US

Idaho population = 1,545,801 (2009 est.) ranked 39th in US

Virginia population = 7,882,590 (2009 est.) ranked 12th in US

Louisiana = 4,410,796 (2008 est.) ranked 25th in US

Total 18 state population – 125,314,871

Total population USA = 309,023,000 (2010 est.)

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