Saturday, April 24, 2010

Obama places the Feds on war footing against Arizona!

Illegal immigration next on the agenda!

As if the Healthcare issue wasn’t an arduous and damaging hit the Democrat Statists absorbed for their dear leader now the illegal immigration issue is taking the stage, front and center.

In a press conference replete with all the propaganda props standing behind him, Obama blasts Arizona’s pending legislation (which at the time was sitting on the Governors desk unsigned) as misguided. He pointed to the individuals standing on stage with him as the people representing immigrants that were receiving their citizenship as somehow what Arizona and the Republicans are against. No, we are against those who sneak into the country without going through legal channels and applaud those, like the props Obama used, who served in the military to gain their status of Americans unlike the ones he is trying to bestow citizenship to without sacrifice.

I believe that there are deeper issues the Statist President has with the State of Arizona for which he is willing to disregard those constituents anger and marginalize. The issues I speak are the recent legislation that the State has enacted making it legal to open carry firearms (concealed) without a permit (SB 1108) and more importantly the recent legislation the enacted that anyone who runs for President (starting in 2012) needs to prove their citizenship (ala long form birth certificate) to be placed on the ballot there.

It is easy to see the disdain the Statists have for the citizens of Arizona as a bunch of Obama hating, gun toting rednecks out to shoot anyone who happens to have a little color in their cheeks.

Finally, Georgia is following Arizona’s lead and seeking to adopt the same type legislation to protect their citizens against this illegal immigration wave that is depleting their resources and fueling the crime.

Isn’t it ironic that Janet Napolitano had to vacate her Arizona Attorney General seat to take the Homeland Security post in order for that State to finally act where she couldn’t on the State level and certainly, now, on the Federal level……?

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