Thursday, April 22, 2010

From “Birther” cases to Blagojevich impending trial!

Obama’s Watergate and then some.  The legal noose is tightening on multiple fronts!

Richard Nixon had only one burglary cover-up in which to manage and in the end his Presidency came crashing down around him in disgrace. Lucky for Nixon, he had a friend to pardon his crimes after the ex-President resigned his office, Obama may not be so lucky.

There is a criminal court case that has been brewing in the background that provided the first major embarrassment for the new President just days after he took office. I need not mention that it involves some of the most corrupt Illinois politicians we have seen. It involves a triangle of sorts between Rod Blagojevich, Barrack Obama and Tony Rezko.

You remember Rezko as the man who sold the land adjacent to the Obama family home in Hyde Park. To make matters worse the Democrats current frontrunner for the seat vacated by Obama and led to this current case against Blagojevich is Alex Giannoulias. Alex Giannoulias owns the bank in which financed Obama’s first townhome when he came to Chicago. The Broadway bank has mob ties and is making much negative publicity for Democrats and Alex Giannoulias in securing the Senate seat. That connection is for another day.

In order to set your mind straight, because of all of the players involved in the Chicago political scene who are involved and those who have been convicted you need to first read my article posted here in March 2009. Those names and organizations are:

1) Tony Rezko
2) Rahm Emmanuel
3) David Axelrod
4) Valerie Jarrett
5) Rod Blagojevich
6) Alex Giannoulias
7) Allison Davis
8) Ali Atta

All of these individuals who are tied to (some by name and some by complicity) multiple on-going criminal conspiracies and cases that have been successfully prosecuted all have one name in common:

Barrack Hussein Obama

Breaking news - US v. Blagojevich

obama -

The shot across the Government’s bow has just taken place. It is ironic that the accused ex-Governor is relying on testimony of Obama to impeach the Government’s star witnesses against him.

Controversies abound:

Presidential Candidates State Department Passport files were breached on 3/20/08 by four State Department contractors working for two separate companies. Stanley, Inc had terminated their two employees on the day the Breach occurred which prevented investigators ability to question due to 5th amendment protections. The other company, “The Analysis Corp” acquiesced to the Justice Departments request and did not fire their employee.

The Breach that took place involved at least four individuals and the article lists 2 fired Stanley employees and 1 retained Analysis Corp employee. The article does not mention who the fourth one was or the company that this individual was tied to. What we do know is that there was one individual who was actively cooperating as the “key witness” with investigators who was involved, but on April 19, 2009 (less than 30 days after the breach) he was mysteriously murdered in Washington, DC.

According to the Washington Times:

"A key witness in a federal probe into passport information stolen from the State Department was fatally shot in front of a District church, the Metropolitan Police Department said yesterday.

Lt. Quarles Harris Jr., 24, who had been cooperating with a federal investigators, was found late Thursday night slumped dead inside a car, in front of the Judah House Praise Baptist Church in Northeast, said Cmdr. Michael Anzallo, head of the department's Criminal Investigations Division.

Cmdr. Anzallo said a police officer was patrolling the neighborhood when gunshots were heard, then Lt. Harris was found dead inside the vehicle, which investigators would describe only as a blue car. City police said they do not know whether his death was a direct result of his cooperation with federal investigators.

"We don't have any information right now that connects his murder to that case," Cmdr. Anzallo said."

The Obama pattern of “keep your enemies closer”:

John Brennan

We saw it when John Brennan was appointed as White House Deputy of Homeland Security (you know the man responsible for the internal investigation of the Ft. Hood terror attack). John Brennan is the owner and CEO of “The Analysis Corp” (the company that had an employee that breached Barrack Obama’s Passport files over at the State Department. The man who employed another who “peeked” into Obama’s file would have seen:

His Birthday, Birth Place and travel records to foreign countries that would have established what citizenship he declared in his early days to travel abroad to those Islamic countries during the early 1980’s.

Greg Craig

We are now seeing it when Obama appointed him to the White House Counsel position who then, later resigned to become part of the Goldman Sachs legal team defending against the current “fraud charges”. Craig has the White House ties and now ties to Goldman and will have the ability to effectively cover both sides of the fence in the defense.

Bob Bauer

We are now seeing it when Obama appointed him to the White House Counsel position replacing Craig above. Bob Bauer has spent a good deal of his career in fighting for and protecting, legally, ACORN. His appointment, like Craig’s at Goldman has that WH tie and the tie to the embattled corrupt organization that once again shields Obama and ACORN effectively. There is also that little “fact” that Bauer is married to another Obama White House insider “Anita Dunn” (you remember her, her two most favorite philosophers she looks to most – Mother Theresa and Mao). Finally, Bauer comes to the White House post from the legal firm Perkins, Coi (which is the legal team protecting him against all of those pesky “birther” claims and also his legal problems stemming from the ongoing criminal trial of Blagojevich mentioned above).

Obama and his minions have so many links to corruption, scandals, crimes and conspiracies that are about to take its toll both legally and politically. Like I said, it took one burglary to bring down Nixon and the sheer number of Obama’s nefarious connections will turn just about anyone’s hair white with fright in keeping all the details of their lies and deceptions straight.

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