Friday, April 2, 2010

So, Grandma is a “violent right wing extremist”!

Those tea party protesters are dangerously deranged!

Democrats warrant that tea party protesters are guilty of violent acts against members who support Obamacare. They point to a Democrat National Party office vandalism where a “brick was thrown through their windows” and anti-gay slurs directed at Barney Frank when he was walking into the House Chambers and then the alleged spitting episode against a black lawmaker also walking into the House Chambers.

All of this “guilt by association” was not corroborated by any video or witnessed accounts. The only episode that had any trace of evidence was the brick throwing incident. Yet, if you can recall, the democrats blamed Republicans for another vandalism episode against a Democratic office in Colorado. When the dust settled in that incident, it was found to have been perpetrated by a “Democrat loyalist”.

Barney Frank – tea party protesters fomenting violence against lawmakers

“A trip down memory lane”

Nanci Pelosi, Barney Frank and the MSM have all come forward to whine about the dangerous aspects of the vitriol of violence emanating from the tea party mobs in response to their “saving Americans from themselves” forced legislation.

We have been spoon-fed the violence inducing rhetoric by the MSM and Democrat operatives in a vane attempt to marginalize the rising tide of socialist opposition and they fear the tea party group who, as a party (yet not an official political one yet), are overtaking both Republican and Democrat parties majority.

The Democrats are now so fearful of this movement that for the first time in our history elected officials are openly attacking the American public on a personal level. Every time they open their mouth to deride and condemn the 1st amendment rights of their constituents they call attention to their disdain for the constitution and everyday individuals who disagree with their course they have embarked upon towards tyranny.

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