Friday, April 2, 2010

What is the real agenda of Obama?

The facts and speculation!

Question – What is the single most threat to the continued solvency of the Social Security Trust Fund (besides our elected leaders raiding its lock box)?

Answer – The impending baby boomer retirements!

In 2005 it was reported that the baby boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) will be retiring, in droves, by the end of the decade (2011).

In 2005, baby boomer comprised 1/3 of our nation’s workforce and total, roughly, 76 million skilled, creative and hard working individuals that the study annotated that the corporate structures are not prepared to absorb.

That was 2005 when the stock market indexes were running at peak levels, unemployment a low levels and retirement accounts fairly hefty.

With 1/3 of the US workforce set to retire one must ask how many of the 76 million are union members? For argument sake, let us speculate that this number is 1/3 of that figure or roughly 25 million. We know from the above statistics that corporate America is ill prepared to replace their workforces so by direct connection so too must the unions.

We also know that in the economy today the jobs that are being created (which are not that much) are occurring in the government sector. In that sector most government level position are union affiliated. While the rest of the country (private sector) unemployed are struggling to find work, union roles are expanding.

In addition, now that Obamacare has been signed into law the healthcare industry is heavily represented by SEIU (Home Healthcare, nurses, etc) and stand to gain by the government takeover and forced unionization of the remaining portions of that sector.

The impending workforce crisis of the impending baby boomers has been eased by the fact that they will now be working longer to make up for their retirement account losses. This also means that a good portion of these workers who will now be extending their working lives will not be tapping into Social Security.

Question – After reading the above statistics, what benefit does the Obama Administration gain by the delayed retirements of the baby boomers due to massive retirement fund losses?

Answer – Increased union membership (dues paying membership) and less members retirements into the Social Security Trust Fund.

Somehow I find the numbers of 1/3 of the workforce setting to retire being delayed coupled with the government takeover of 1/3 of the economy a little too convenient to explain away.

Now that the legislation has become law and the public is becoming more aware of the effects of cuts to Medicare to fund the bill show that the start of this course will be felt by the baby boomer themselves in the way of their lives.

The cuts that are mandated will be in Hospice Care, Nursing Homes and various cancer treatments. The label “death panels” coined by Sarah Palin are spot on and it is our parents and grandparents that will be giving their lives to start this fiasco.

The federal government will be culling the elderly heard while simultaneously allowing abortions of new lives entering the population. One can also surmise that sterilization is already occurring with the new medication (birth control) that prevents a woman from ovulation for periods of three months or greater. John Holdren, Obama’s Science Czar, must be pleased with the progress that he advocated in the 1970’s regarding the steps to prevent over populization.

Finally, when you consider the recent Obama recess appointment of the radical union sympathizer to the NRLB (who will circumvent the Legislative Branch to impose “card check”) coupled with the SEIU giving the Obama campaign the $60 million in donations to become President and Andy Sterns direct connection to Obama’s ear can only be seen as a puppeteer pulling the strings to increase union power for decades to come at the expense of America’s prosperity.

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