Friday, April 30, 2010

Pro-illegal immigrant decry racism over ID requirements

Answer me this

The MSM and pro-illegal people are crying foul, racism and Nazi-like oppression over the AZ law that will require those who get stopped to have to prove their citizenship, if the situation in the law enforcement view, suspects the status of the individual is not in this country illegally.

My question to that piped up controversy is this. How many Americans leave home everyday with the "conscious effort" to ensure they have their own wallets on their person?

How many times in a rush have we left home without our wallets, got into our vehicles to go to work and then remembered we forgot to grab it? What was the first thing that comes to mind in those situations? Mine is "oh my God, I'm driving without my drivers license and hope I do not get pulled over and cannot produce it up request."

How many Americans intentionally and consciously leave home everyday saying to themselves "Screw it, I refuse to carry my ID (save Al Sharpton)?"


Answer -- because everything we do in our lives is tied to the need to produce our identification. Is it racist? Are we all acting and producing our ID's feeling that we are being profiled by having to produce it? No, we're not!

How is it any different?

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