Sunday, April 18, 2010

Face of Evil - obsession!

Is it a sign that people are drawn to?

Less than 24 hours ago (4/17/10 @ 3:55pm PDT) I found a photograph that was embedded in an article posted on the site which was shot from an Icelandic Coast Guard plane (though I initially reported it was shot from space) directly over the volcano, showing a unique pattern that the ash cloud manifested. The photo had an eerie resemblance of a distorted “human-like” face twisted in evil agony.

The article also embedded next to the image a famous artist (Edvard Munch) painting that, when the images were side by side, looked alike. The painting, in which he titled, “the scream” was thought to be inspired by another volcano eruption (Krakatoa) in 1883.

When I padded to my computer to view my website stats I was startled by the volume of hits this article generated. In less than 24 hours I had received a volume that I normally see over a two week period. What was more interesting was where the views were predominantly coming from – Poland (60%) along with US (26%), UK (4%) and 9 other countries (10%). This statistic jumped out at me. Why are so many from Poland interested in the “face of evil”?

Poland is no stranger to the face of evil!

Poland felt the full brunt of two colliding evil forces in the Second World War. Nazi Germany invaded the country and the resulting slaughter of 3,000,000 Jews decimated their population (after the war only 300,000 survived the murderous rampage against them).

In fact, in all of those who perished around the world during the Nazi expansion, Poland had the highest percentage of its population decimated (over 6 million).

On the other side of Poland were the Soviets who also killed Poles by the scores along with that of Nazi Germany. The most famous of these massacres of Poles was “The Katyn Forest massacre”.

During Hitler’s occupation of Poland many of the famous death camps that history recorded were on their soil. The infamous “death camps” in Poland were:


The Polish people are no stranger to the face of evil!

It dawned on me that the uptick in views of this article probably has a lot to do with the recent deaths of that country’s President and much of their government leaders in Russia. The sobering reality about that incident, which many Poles blame the Russian Government for, is the delegation of politicians that perished were enroute to commemorate “The Katyn Massacre” at the hands of the Soviets during WWII.

Yes, the Polish people have seen the face of evil that has touched nearly every family that survived WWII and then the ensuing Russian occupation. They are wary of the communist old ways of the Soviet Union that is manifesting itself in modern day Russia.

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