Friday, April 9, 2010

It’s not the second hand smoke that will kill you!

It is the Islamic Diplomat in the airliner bathroom that will!

There is much to be said about “Diplomatic Immunity” that shields foreign consular officials from criminal prosecution in the United States.

The AP reported on a recent incident that occurred in the “friendly skies” this week where a Qatar diplomat was caught “sneaking” a smoke on board a flight in the US and when confronted joked that he was attempting to light up his shoes.

Does a dry run come to mind here as well as a well orchestrated media cover-up?

The Qatari diplomat apparently did not have any explosives on his person but come on here, are we to accept his story that he was jonesing for a smoke?

The official line to the story has this Diplomat on his way to visit an incarcerated convicted terrorist, austensibly to verify that his treatment behind bars is adequate. The convicted terrorist was convicted after 9/11 “accusing him of being a sleeper agent researching poisonous gases and plotting a cyberattack.”

The prisoner eventually pleaded guilty and was sentence to 8 years at the Colorado Supermax prison where the diplomat was heading to.

The Obama administration wants us to believe that if we try the inmates at Guantamo prison on US soil that the American public is safe from harm because of the success of jailing terrorists like al-Marri in prisons like in Colorado.

I wonder what the Obama administration has to say about protecting the US citizens from diplomat’s en-route to visit them! Diplomats have great latitude who are “now free to move about the country” while “flying the friendly skies”.

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