Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Con Air

Look who travels on the billionaire mile high sex club aircraft!

The convicted billionaire and those who travel aboard his personal jets has just been released through a civil suit (subpoenas) that his victims have brought against him to bolster their contention he used his aircraft to further his sexual deviancy.

The released logs of his Boeing 727 and both of his Gulfstream jets have read like Heidi Fleiss little black book.

The notables that have hitched rides on his planes are Bill Clinton (what a shock!  Do the in-flight attendants wear blue dresses?); Naomi Campbell (I wonder if she contained her anger flying private planes because she surely can’t when she flies commercially); Sandy Berger (He was probably found stuffing crab cakes in his underwear and socks in-flight) and the current White House economic advisor Larry Summers (no wonder Obama’s economic team can’t think straight, they have other things on their minds).

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