Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Through the looking glass – America

Up is down and wrong is right

Democrats recent pet project – the push for financial reform and the coincidental media blitz of the Goldman Sachs fraud publicity has everyone wondering about the rush! When 4 out 5 American distrust the Federal Government what are we to make about this sudden and recent development?

In a magical utopian society, you know the one that Obama and his Socialist Democrats are busy scurrying to create, we can only sit back and watch with “Alice in Wonderland-like” fascination.

In a land (America) where a tax cheat becomes the Treasury Secretary who tells us the economy is OK while stuffing billions into his buddy’s pockets over at Goldman Sachs.

In a land where another tax cheat (who finally resigned his post) sat as Chairman of the Ways and Means committee telling us it is patriotic to pay taxes when he himself found ways to avoid his.

In a land where the President demands Wall Street is evil, yet took $1 million dollars from them to become President.

In a land where the Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee feels compelled, now, to introduce sweeping legislation to overhaul the financial industry. This after taking in more campaign contributions than any other politician from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and entering into sweetheart, below market value loans from Countrywide Financial. Yes, the same countrywide financial that is currently under criminal investigations which led to a grand jury hearing just reported.

In a land where the White House Deputy of Homeland Security is placed in charge of the Ft. Hood Investigation when in 2008 was the CEO of a private consulting firm that saw its employees caught breaching the State Departments passport files on then Presidential candidates Clinton, McCain and Obama. The only cooperating witness in that case was murdered in Washington, DC and the case remains unsolved.

Since his appointment as Homeland Security Chief we have seen the Ft. Hood terror attack and the Christmas Day attempted bombing of an inbound US flight into Michigan.

Finally, back to Goldman Sachs –

In a land where the Socialists are attacking Wall Street as the latest in a series of “evil capitalist corporations” in order to advance the latest legislation aimed at stealing their profits in the name of “Social and Financial Justice” we now learn that the man who will be spearheading Sachs defense against this oncoming onslaught is the recent former White House Counsel to Barack Obama.

Remember, he resigned that position because he thought that Obama was too centrist.

Before I get into that claim, which on its face has merit considering the radical background that Craig came from before becoming the White House Counsel, I must remind readers that the Counsel that replaced him came from ACORN ranks.

Robert Bauer (no relations to superhero Jack Bauer) came to the new White House post fresh from his defense of ACORN and their political fraud and corruption issues. Bauer coincidently is married to Anita Dunn (of Chairman Mao and Mother Teresa are my two favorite philosophers speech) the former Communications director for the White House who resigned, but not before her open attack against Fox News for being the “arm of the Republican Party” comments. Bauer came to the White House post one week after ACORN offices were raided in Louisiana.

I feel compelled to remind the readers that the new WH Counsel’s client ACORN was founded by former Weather Underground radicals who ran in the direct circles of Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn (whom started Obama’s political career in their home in the Chicago neighborhood where Obama bought his mansion). I am speaking of the co-founder of ACORN and the SIEU, Wade Rathke. See the circle of friendship thingy with Obama, ACORN, Weather Underground connections? It was speculated that Bauer’s ACORN work was also the perfect qualifications to distance Obama from his ACORN roots after the video undercover sting accelerated ACORNs downfall.

Now, back to Greg Craig the newest member of Goldman Sachs crack legal team and his qualifications:

Craig and the young Clintons:
Craig was instrumental in organizing the student opposition to the Vietnam War while at Harvard. He went on to Yale Law School and for the first time met Bill and Hillary Clinton who too were active in their support for the Students for a Democratic Society (the organization that Ayers found too passive and formed the Weather Underground).

Craig and President Clinton:
Craig, while in the Clinton White House spearheaded the defense against the Impeachment proceedings. Helping the “Liar in Chief” to utter the famous word under oath “that depends on what the definition of “is”, is? This utterance under oath is just as famous as “if the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit” by Johnny Cochran about OJ Simpson.

Finally Craig former “notable” legal accomplishments prior to the Obama White House job:

In 1977, he represented the first FBI Agent ever to be indicted, who was accused of illegal wiretapping, breaking and entering, and mail opening in connection with the FBI investigation of the Weather Underground.

Now how was it that noted Weather Underground domestic terrorist Bill Ayers was never imprisoned for his crimes? From Fox News:

Charges against Ayers were dropped because of government misconduct, which included FBI break-ins, wiretaps and opening of mail.

So, it's possible he defended the FBI agent who botched the Weather Underground case, thus allowing Bill Ayers to walk among us today, teaching at UIC and influencing young minds.

Craig was counsel for John Hinckley, Jr. (man accused of attempting to assassinate Ronald Reagan) and was successful in his acquittal on the grounds he was insane.

2000 –
Craig was the lawyer that represented the father of Elian Gonzalez (in effect he was the American attorney that represented Fidel Castro). The success of Craig paved the way for Janet Reno to storm that house in Miami with an army of heavily armed men and took the child at gunpoint.


In 2004 Craig was counsel for then-United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan during investigations into the scandalous UN Oil-for-Food Program, which had allowed Iraqi president Saddam Hussein to skim more than $21 billion from its coffers.

So we need to ask serious questions, again, about the motivations of the Democrats against Wall Street. How can a lefty lawyer with such a radical background end up at the first Wall Street firm the Democrats are hailing as the poster child for Wall Street greed and corruption? Seems rather suspicious and convenient dost think!

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