Monday, April 19, 2010

The World watches democracy unfold!

America is a sight to behold!

The World, especially Europe cheered at the historic event of America’s first black President and a socialist one to boot!

I won’t mince words here because socialist countries recognized what this man had in store when his political platform was divulged. They knew what “hope and change was” and they were amazed the American populace would ever deviate from a “Conservative” strongman in the Oval office.

It did not take long for those living under socialist governments to start to ask how could America dismantle the greatest country in the world and adopt their form of oppressive government.

Take the UK for an example. The tea party experience has already landed on their soil and established a “beach head”. The political turmoil is not dissimilar to the anger here in America against the expanding Government yoke of the Obama and the Democrats.

Gordon Brown was forced to call for elections on May 3rd and the first televised debates have occurred. The spin is already in, as the American media and outlets like Huffington Post are rallying around Clegg (Liberal Democrat) as the clear winner in the event. The polling that the article held up showed Clegg winning by a margin of 43% to the 26% Conservative Party (Cameron). The article even went as far as quoting an audience member describing Clegg as “Barack Obama of British Politics”.

Halfway through the article the meat (truth) is divulged in this clip – “The British prime ministerial debate – the first of three – was more subdued than US presidential debates or even the vicious exchanges often seen in Parliament. An estimated 20 million tuned in to see the candidates inside a Manchester studio.

Swing votes will be crucial in this election. A Populus poll for the Times newspaper showed the Labour Party closing in on the Conservatives. The poll gave the Conservatives 36 percent – a drop of 3 percentage points – to Labour's 33 percent. The Liberal Democrats had 21 percent. The margin of error was 2.5 percentage points.”

This appears to be another case of socialist liberal media bias me thinks!

The Conservatives have a 36% to 21% lead over the Liberal Democrat Clegg which the media is all fawning over as Barack-lite (no pun or racial stereotype intended).

It appears that the UK has a touch of “Conservititis” and it appears that the American tea party movement has a lot to do with it. After all, the British know what is in store for America with bloated government and the “European style healthcare” horrors because they have lived with it for a very long time now. But something seems to be changing when they have been watching Obama’s and the Democrats attempt at dismantling our freedom. That something is “power of the people of an open democracy” in spite of the majorities in the House, Senate and White House. They sit transfixed at this phenomena and are seeing first hand what the power of the people have in spite of the majority in power over them.

Here is what the audience members asked the debate participants:

“Audience members in Thursday's debate asked questions about immigration, health care, pensioners, the economy and the armed forces.

But the question that seemed to resonate most with the audience and the candidates was over the expense scandal last year that exposed lawmakers of all three main political parties for submitting claims for everything from pornography to country estate chandeliers.

Many voters have said they have been disgusted by politics since the expense scandal that began unraveling as Britain sunk deeper into economic turmoil.”

Sound familiar? Kind of sounds like American concerns, doesn’t it?

For now the British tea party spirit is slowly building as more and more individuals rouse out of their cradle to grave slumber to witness America at its finest moment. They watch with fascinated interest and they begin to ask themselves “can we achieve this here”. Some of the British are amused at the symbolism of tea as they take their beverage quite seriously. They also know that it is exactly this symbolism that pushed America away from their British overlords in their initial quest for freedom and found out quite handily that Americans were prepared to lay their lives on the line to achieve it.

They are acutely aware that you should never count lady liberty down for the count because the lamp of freedom burns fiercely in our souls and want no part of socialism, collectivism or any ism that places this freedom in jeopardy!

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