Sunday, April 11, 2010

Obama’s stealth mission

Aka “operation soccermom”

It was reported yesterday that the President of the United States has violated “protocol” (whatever that means) to duck out of the White House without the press pool in tow. He went “awol” from the scrutiny of the corps (yes, pronounced “core” not “corpse”) austensibly to secretly attend one of his daughters soccer matches.

On the exterior, it sounds nice that even the President takes time from his busy day running America into the ground financially and alienating all of her allies to show support for an extra-curricular activity of one of his children.

Yet, as history serves us, the last time the Obama ducked the media was in the 2008 Presidential campaign when he lured them aboard his charted jet, shut the doors much to their surprise without him onboard. It was reported that during that ruse, he and Hillary were sneaking into the back door of a “Bilderberg” conference being held across the river.

Given his history and his penchant for secrecy of his policies it gives me pause to think of one question:

Where the hell was he really, and what was he doing?

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