Tuesday, October 2, 2012

America's warrior Congressman

Allen West is the face of what each and every member of the elected members of Congress should represent.  He is a battle hardened patriot and takes his oath of upholding and defending the US Constitution seriously --  After all, that is what the oath is intended for.  Many of my readers know that I have posted West's firebrand speeches here on this site and support this Congressman with all my heart and soul.  So without further delay I post his latest speech given to NRA members.  Notice his comment before he get's into his speech that did everyone in attendance notice that there were no protesters present for his arrival?  He astutely declares the reason why there is no protester presence at an NRA event is simple -- he then holds up his NRA membership card (inferring that each and every attendee has the right to bear arms).

I defy anyone to show me proof of any Democrat politician who boldly speaks so passionately, or lives his oath of office and fervently as West.


  1. I love me some Allen West. He rarely fails to fire me up. Unfortunately, the Constitution is only as strong as the people, and "the right of the people to keep and bare arms shall not be infringed" can easily get discarded. Lining out the "right to life" means everything else in that document can be worthless too.

  2. Allen West for President. Hopefully in my lifetime.