Tuesday, October 23, 2012

That daylight between US and Isreal

Romney delivered some crippling blows to Obama last night when he started with "Obama's apology tour" and bullet point after bullet point (just as he did in the 2nd debate with the Obama economy) dismantled Obama's fascade on foreign policy.  But it was most devestating when Romney reminded America the treatment of the Jewish State by this Administration during their current crisis with Iran.

Romney proudly stated when "he himself" travelled to Isreal during this election, spoke with he great freind Bibi about the Iranian issue.  He then reminded Obama of the "space between the US and Israel" policy of the Administration and the snub Obama showed our ally when Bibi travelled to Washington to see the President.

Obama's jaw tightened and his faced twisted in anger and couldn't wait to respond.  I believe it was at that point Obama looked at the moderator and said "Bob".........................."Bob"....................... in an attempt to get the moderator to intervene, to stop Romney as he did with Candy Crowley. 

Once Romney was finished wiping the floor with the Obama reality, Obama responded.

I was curious what he was about to say because I personally know full well that Obama, during his first Administration has yet to travel to Israel.  A first for a US sitting President and also Obama did in fact disrespect, publically, Netanyahu when he refused to meet with him over Iran when he was in Washington. 

Obama, immediately trotted out that when he was a candidate before the 2008 election, he travelled to Israel excuse.  That was it, four years ago as a candidate he went to Israel.

This should be the fate of his failed reelection bid.  It was plain for all to see that Obama travelled to Egypt on his first trip abroad to declare America is not a Christian nation, promptly apologized for everything America has ever done and since then has been apologizing ever since.  The only apology he hasn't uttered was his failure to back our Jewish friends who stare down the gun of Islamic terror every night before they go to sleep.


  1. I disagree. Obama acted derisive last night, as usual......but aside from having little difference in foreign policy [the Afghan surge was a success??], Romney was petty with the stale "apology tour" canard.

  2. Something I saw earlier, but didn't have access to my bookmarks at work, was regarding the statement of Obama being the first sitting President to not visit Israel. Not so.


  3. Another tidbit - obama has never dined with Netanyahu, because muslims Never sit down and eat with a Jew.