Friday, October 5, 2012

Chickens and "Big Bird" coming home to roost

OK, let me try to explains the "6 degrees of separation" of Mitt Romney's death threat to Big Bird which caused an outburst of tweets (no pun intended but right on point) crying FOWL (pun intended).  Big Bird of course is a PBS stalwart and Romney point wasn't directed at Big Bird specifically but the Libs took a play right out of Sadaam Hussein's playbook and immediately used the Gangly bird as a "human shield". 

Here is the next degree, Jim Henson created the newly minted "human shield" in the famous Muppet branded show which has aired on PBS for as long as anyone remembers, including me.  It was the "muppet" branded toys that were pulled from another "fowl related" restaurant chain recently -- Chik-fil-A that started the gay/lesbian boycott that misfired on the Libs.

So, when they fail to draw the ire they intend to inspire in the populace, as it did with Chik-fil-A, the populace will rally around Mitt as they did the famous Chicken enterprise and instead of voting with their wallets to support the chain, the populace will cast real votes in support of shutting down a left wing propaganda TV outlet. 

A prospect the Libs will undoubtedly think "most fowl"!

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