Saturday, October 27, 2012

Liberal Law Enforcement mentality

The Obama Administration is now falling back on the "same old -- same old" law enforcement canard they always do when it comes to violence.  Clinton did it when it came to Al Qaida and Obama is doing the same.  The liberals have always wanted to bring all of those terror subjects from Guantanamo Bay, bestow American rights to American courts, and try them. 

The Benghazi terror attack is quickly unravelling before Obama's eyes and he is quickly painted into a box that he is unable to escape from.  He wants America to just be patient enough to get to the bottom of the investigation so we can begin to dispense justice to those who were responsible.

Sound familiar?  Obama is comfortable in his box just as long as it contains his culpability along with him.  He'll just wait out the firestorm until after the election.  But the real question is why?  Obama is a calculating and shrewd politician so he has to have some plan while he sits patiently in his box. 

We know that Obama has absolute control over the nations law enforcement with his chief lackey Holder at the helm.  The Senate, which is in Democrat control has just announced that they will hold hearings on Benghazi just after the elections, how convenient.  Why after the election?  We all know why.  It was a political decision to give Obama more space in his box that he is sitting in until after the country speaks.  The Senate (run by Reid) and law enforcement (run by Holder).  The CIA (run by Panetta) and the State Department (run by Clinton).  It seems the box is getting larger and more comfortable by the minute.

We know that Obama is now employing his "right to remain silent" when, if he was innocent, wouldn't be necessary but in his lawyerly way, is fine just sitting in the box, silently. 

There are many things that are disturbing surrounding the events of Benghazi, but now we have an investigation under way and the Senate holding off until after the elections.  I guess national security be damned and that a dead Ambassador is not important enough for the Senate to drop everything that they are NOT doing to get to the bottom of this as quickly as possible.

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  1. And you'd never think a guy offered $5 mil for ∅bama's papers.