Saturday, October 6, 2012


After the sound thumping that Mitt Romney gave Obama and the Democrat message as a whole the main stream media were as shellshocked as Obama was and as a result, on live TV as Obama was they reacted just as he did during the drubbing.  You see when they are live they didn't have the answer to what their eyes and ears told them along with millions of Americans.

It wasn't until the following day that they regrouped and spread across the land with their new message of what happened the night before -- Romney lied.  Not just a couple of lies, but serially and entirely through the debate and as such Obama simply could not keep up with all of them.

This liar mantra brought forth, for me, the recollection of another person who shouted out LIAR against Obama -- Joe Wilson.

The RNC ran an ad directly after the debate that focuses on Obama while Romney was talking and you tell me that this is the "human reaction" to someone who is lying in front of you.  I say Joe Wilson's response is the correct action for someone who is lying to you, as Obama was doing when he was speaking to the House of Representatives.  To put it another way, this is the action (Obama's expressions during the debate) of someone, a child perhaps, who is being scolded when caught in a dishonest act.  Romney was spewing facts and figures of Obama transgressions and he knew, his expressions relayed this knowledge to us who were watching, that he was guilty of each and every fact Romney fired at him.  Take a look and tell me I am wrong:

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