Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The duties of a Journalist

A journalist's responsibility

A journalist is responsible for his job towards people, he has to respect their dialogue with ombudsman. He has to create idoneus instruments (reader's guarantee, pages for readers, spaces for reply etc.), giving a wide diffusion to their activity.

A journalist only accepts suggestions and instructions from the editorial hierarchy of his newspaper, as long as the dispositions are not against the professional law, against the national Italian journalist's work contract (CNLG) and the Ethic Code (Carta dei Doveri).

A journalist cannot discriminate against people on grounds of race, religion, mental and physical conditions or political opinions.

Circumstances that are not extenuating, references that are not insulting or denigratory concerning people and their privacy are only accepted when they are relevant to the public interest.

A journalist respects the right of secrecy of every person and he may not publish news about someone's private life, unless they are transparent and relevant to the public interest, however, he must always make known his own identity and profession when he gathers such news.

The names of the relatives of people involved in such daily events cannot be published unless they are relevant public's interest; they can be neither made known in case of danger to people's safety, nor can they publish other elements, that can expose people's identity (photos, images).

The names of victims of sexual violence can be neither published, nor can a journalist give details that can lead to their identification unless it is required by the victims themselves for relevant general interest.

A journalist has to proceed with great caution when publishing names or elements that can lead to the identification of members of a legal team or of the police, when they ma provoke the risk of incolumnity for themselves or their families.

Now that you have read the above Journalist creed, apply it to the MSM.  Do they (MSM) create news with their bias?  Do they diligently dig for the facts when it comes to Obama and his background?  Are they independent "watchdogs" for the people against their Government?


  1. I was watching military channel last night and they had a thing on the JFK murder and the Reagan shooting.

    Dan Blather was on there in some of the documentary, and with current perspective, it is plain to see he was a blithering libtard hack tool back then too.

  2. Wow. After reading the Journalist creed, I think you'd have better luck finding a Wooly Mammoth anchoring the 6 o'clock news.