Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Horses and Bayonettes

As Obama was ridiculing Romney on the US Military with his now infamous 'horses and bayonet" comparison to Romney's concern the US Navy ship count is dangerously low I was struck by the image of the opening days of the Afghanistan war where our US Special forces were reported charging at the Taliban with the aid of the Northern Alliance -- on horseback!  Yes Mr. President there are fewer horses in the military but we still use them and effectively I might add.


  1. There's a decent analogy there about ships and horses.

    The ODA's did us proud in those opening weeks of OEF....truly inspirational!

  2. Indeed!
    You will be interested in the post I organized at my site-
    I love horses - so was not going to let bho's SARC go unanswered-

    Few know that even West Point still offers an horsemanship program ...

    Forward-Calvary!and fix bayonets!

  3. His arrogance and condescension riled up his base of little leftists but quite possibly put an exclamation mark on the overwhelming majority of independent's decision to dump him.