Saturday, October 20, 2012

School field trip to terror

The title may be a bit "hyperbolic" to my detractors but hear me out.  This election is about competing visions.  On Obama's side we have a massive centralized government making all of our decisions for us.  On Romney's side we have smaller goverment and individual freedom to choose our own fate.

After all, a government that has the power to give, has the power to take. Tyranny is probable and freedom is the loser.

I give these opposing visions to illustrate that our current public schools are controlled by the Government and as such Tyranny is already present. The video below set's the scene:

This indoctrination occurred in Massachusetts in 2010. 

In Minnesota, home to Rep. Keith Ellison (the first Muslim to be elected to Congress), the all powerful teachers union has it's teachers take 2 days off to attend a conference that has them play with dolls and then attend workshops to teach them about Islam.


In Chesapeake, Virginia yesterday we learn that an elementary school teacher was charged with assault after a 10-year-old girl's hand was reportedly cut during an aggressive lesson on an Islamic hand signs.

"Stephanie Bennett, the child's mother, told The Blaze that the teacher "has a disturbing trend of 'indoctrinating' students with Islamic teachings," and openly campaigns for Barack Obama in the classroom.

According to Bennett, Harris also “'prays to Allah in Arabic' around five times a day in front of students and teaches them about Islam and how it is superior to other religions," Howerton wrote.

“The teacher was going over Islamic hand signs with the children — she stayed on this issue for two days straight during their reading and math class,” Bennett said."

If you are greatly disturbed by the infiltration of Islamic Brotherhood members and sympathisers at all levels of government maybe we need to also shine a big bright light on their obvious success at getting at our children with the help of the Teacher's union.


  1. The left used to have a saying: "When the revolution comes...!"
    Now it's our turn.
    We're gonna need re-education camps...

  2. They have taken over at the schools and the media. Big changes are needed, but first, people need to wake up. Will it happen?

  3. Sadly, this type of public school indoctrination has been occurring throughout my lifetime, and during Republican Administrations. The GOP didn't stop it then, what precedent or policy exists that would stop it now?