Friday, October 26, 2012

Two guy's named Moe

In the latest undercover sting operation, James O'Keefe brings down another with his outlandish, yet highly effective style of journalism.  This time, he approached Democrat Representative Jim Moran's son at a restaurant with a story of "Me and my friend have a van and a fistful of voter identifications we want to use to vote in their stead".  Like every other "mark" O'keefe lures with his ridiculous antics that are so bizarre normal people would just laugh at, he snags them like bottom feeding carp.

Project Veritas (O'Keefe's moniker for his purpose) which is Latin for "truth" has single handed exposed the filthy corrupt underbelly of what the Democrats and their fellow travellers are doing, openly and to much amusement -- stupidly!

When one of his expose's hit the news it not only takes down his intended target but a whole host of others that should be exposed along with it.  Such as a lame Main Stream Media who should be doing investigative reporting with serious effort.

When a white man dressed as a pimp of an under aged illegal immigrant ho's walk into a ACORN office in order to obtain government assistance to open a brothel sounds like an opening to a racist joke, but in fact it was the strategy employed to get the desired results.

When a white man goes into a polling place to vote as a black man named "Eric Holder" and argues with the poll worker that he should get his ID out of his car to prove he is who he says he is, again, sounds like a Saturday Night Live skit.

Yet, again and again, his surreal approaches work with such ease that one can only wonder just how smart these Democrats (who profess they are the intellectuals) are.

Most people don't know this fact about O'Keefe but he actually got his start in this "freelance journalism without a net" at Rutger's an undergrad when he and his friends decided to expose the University practices of racial sensitivities. This time, he goes into the Campus Diversity Officer's office and in his usual trademarked deadpan complained that he and his Irish student counterparts were highly offended by the fact the University served "Lucky Charms" on campus. He singled out particular dismay at the "Little green guy" on the box cover as stereotypical evidence.

Soon thereafter, the Campus announced that the cereal was banned from campus.

Irony, yes!  Here again O'Keefe goes into the belly of the Academia beast with their own absurdity and prevails.  Thank God O'Keefe graduated from Rutgers into the mean streets to bring his mind bending effective journalism to the rest of America.  He has single handed done more damage to the dark side than any individual has since "Woodward and Bernstein"!  What out Democrats, Coco Puff's are next because we all know that "we're coo coo for Coco Puff's and as such any product exploiting mentally ill stereotypes will NOT be tolerated......

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  1. I hadn't heard the Lucky Charms story.
    This guy is a patriot hero!