Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Is Obama's "Counter-Culture" ethos ending?

Counter Culture -- A counterculture (also written counter-culture) is a subculture whose values and norms of behavior deviate from those of mainstream society, often in opposition to mainstream cultural mores.

It is widely believed that the American Counter Culture collapsed in 1973 when two things occurred:

First, most of their political goals were accomplished and
Second, the Vietnam war ended.

In 1971, Obama moved back to the State of Hawaii where he attended Sunday School at the Unitarian Church.  This congregation as early as 1969 has had ties with the Students for a Democratic Society from which Bill Ayers cut his terror teeth. 

It is easy to see that Obama held this "subculture" ideals from an early age until today.  We now know, for example, that Obama's mentor outside of the radical church he attended in Hawaii was Frank Marshall Davis who was an espoused Communist. 

It is also a fact that Obama's mothers and her parents were also communist.  As Glen Beck aptly notated "You’ve got a communist mom and a communist dad and a communist mentor and communist grandparents and then you go to school and you hang out with communists and then you become President and you appoint communists all-around you,” Glenn said. “I mean this sincerely. It would be almost impossible for Barack Obama to not be a Marxist.”

So, where am I going with this communism/marxist stuff.  I believe that this election will resoundingly reject the rebirth of the 1960's counter culture that Obama and his fellow travelers have worked so hard these past four years to bring to us, in his fundamental ways.

Remember during the rise of the tea party when the faces at the rallies were grandma in her red white and blue attire being labeled racist, terrorist and haters?  The pictures we saw did not square with the Democrats vitriolic and venomous descriptions of them.

Now, look at the following campaign ad for Obama and see if this aptly describes what they labeled grandma tea party.

Grandma and Grandpa revolutionaries.  So much liberal anger in this rest home.  Maybe they should let them out a little more often.

One thing for sure, this ad will not resonate with the elderly vote.  These angry libs were probably at Woodstock and Height Ash bury in the 1960's protesting the war and stoned on LSD provided by Timothy Leary.  I surely hope they have access to anger management counselors after November 6th.

Now, keeping with the counter culture meme of Obama's, lets take another look at yet another ad that is surely not in the social norm.  I found it rather coincidental that the starlet of this gem bears the same last name as Obama's mother (Dunham).

OK, the first social norm broken here is the fact that Obama has two daughters and he finds this garbage OK for them to view. 

So, recap here.  First ad was targeted for elderly voters, the second ad was targeted at the MTV crowd and now the Obama campaign rounds out the "children" exploitation meme.

All three subjects are counter to American culture.  All three subjects are desperate and quite frankly beneath the Office of the President of the United States.  This much desperation hurled at us at light speed because the "hippies" are losing their grip on power.  The sixties ended and they are still angry as hell and looking for revolution.  The picture that comes to mind is from the movie Butch Casidy and the Sundance Kid (replace Butch and Sundance with Obama and Biden) as they hide behind the walls that separates them from the entire Bolivian army (replace the Bolivian Army with American voters ready to send these two outlaws packing). 


  1. "I believe that this election will resoundingly reject the rebirth of the 1960's counter culture....."

    And on the flipside, if Romney loses...I hope the event will be enough to convince the GOP has lost their way. If the right can't beat Obama, there needs to be some serious soul searching.

  2. CI -- I do too which is why I wrote this piece. I have been telling all of the neysayers that Obama will lose come November because of my faith in the American people. They know the stakes, they know what is going on regardless of what the MSM, and our elected leaders on both sides of the isle insist is their reality, their concept of reality which of course is not.

    I have written here the ways in which I personally cut through the din of their ehco chambers of deceipt such as doing your own self polling and the news that they intend to stomp out or ignore such as the Chik-fil-a support day that had everyday Americans protesting against this counter culture mentality with their wallets.

    Romney is slow to take the lead because Conservative Americans do not trust his background but have now come to realize that the choice is simple. It is either Romney or Obama for America's imminent future.

    The local level races such as Governors, State Houses and the such will take care of themselves due to the overwhelming tea party support at those levels. I heard that the result of this advocacy group (the main opponent to this counter culture rebirth) is that now 13 Governors are going to go to the GOP side. This gain should give Conservatives 37 of the 52 states control. I am not espousing GOP values as we all know that there is little difference between GOP and the Left. I am talking about the eventual taking back that party (Republican/GOP) from the sorry hands it appears to be in today.

  3. Concur. I acknowledge that I'm far more cynical about the state of our infotainment driven society, than the average bear.

    I have less faith in a polity that knows [and seems to care] more about celebutwits than the political process.

  4. I love your use of the word "Concur". It shows the military side (bearing) of your history (22 years of service).

  5. Victoria Jackson: