Sunday, October 21, 2012

Obama will lose the election!

Why?  Plain and simply because he deserves to.

In an article in Newsmax magazine by David A. Patten the case is made exactly for that reason.  Mr. Patten takes some of his ammunition to stress this point from an online book written by radio talk show host Michael Medved titled "The Odds Against Obama:  Why History and Logic Make the President a Likely Loser".

Some of the reasoning Medved utilizes are:

"Historically, presidents win second terms when voters believe things are getting better, not worse."

Recently we have seen at the second Presidential debate where an African American, former Obama voter, asked the President what can he do to alleviate his fear and unease and growing distrust of him after he voted for him?  This was Obama's constituent speaking to 67 million voters across the nation telling them basically, he has serious buyers remorse. 

The same goes when a "Frank Luntz" focus group were asked to raise their hands if they voted for Obama and the majority raised their hands.  Then he asked of those, who are going to again vote for Obama and a small fraction (I think 4 if I remember right) raised their hands.  Finally, Luntz asked of those who didn't raise their hands to vote for Obama to be reelected, who voted for Obama in 2008, who among them are changing their vote to Romney -- The majority raised their hands.

Medved also points out -- "Every president who has ever won two consecutive terms has drawn more support in his second bid for election than he did in his first successful campaign."

No one can honestly say that Obama has increase support over the numbers that he enjoyed in 2008.  His campaign rallies belay that.  Obama has had to shift outdoor coliseum venues indoors, rope off areas of seating to have camera angles appear the crowds are as large giving weather and a host of excuses why the change occurred.  America is not that stupid.  So too is the MSM getting anxious about his "failure of leadership" and stature to the point Obama will only go to entertainment shows for press conferences and appearances. 

Finally, the biggest reason that Obama deserves to lose is because he is a serial liar who has been exposed as such.  We aren't talking about indiscriminate sexual act in the Oval Office with an intern here, we are talking about serious subjects that have gotten Americans killed.  Not only Federal Government personnel, but also hundred's in Mexico. 

The last article I posted here has to do with the upcoming foreign policy debate and the suggestion that Romney needs to hammer home Obama's failed economic policies in that venue because a "Strong America at home, is a strong America abroad" theme.  This President cannot claim foreign policy high ground based upon this reality alone. 

Obama's October surprise that has been leaking out of the press where he has cut a deal with Iran and will lift sanctions and allowing them to continue "peaceful nuclear" programs will backfire dramatically as a "Neville Chamberlain" moment of naivety.  This is just another example of the lengths Obama will go to to stay in power.  His transformation is not yet complete as he whispered into the Russian President's ear.  He wants that unaccountable flexibility and Americans are not prepared to give it to him.