Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dead batteries

Just as Obama's "green energy" policies are depleated of energy so is another "Solyndra-like" company awarded hundreds of millions of dollars of our tax payer money.  Notice all of the usual players -- Michigan Governor, Obama, Steven Chu, etc., all patting themselves on the back while touting thousands and thousands of jobs just waiting to be created in the Obama visionary Manufacturing sector. 

So, when a "green company" fails after being provided tax payer energy stimulus money it is allowed to seek protection in US Bankrupcy court, but GM and others circumvent this process.  I guess there were too many "hypothetical" union jobs to warrant saving through further intervention by big Government.  This is a prime example of what Mitt Romney was implying when he told Obama that HE was picking winners and losers -- just losers.


  1. All the kenyan and his minions are doing is stealing money. Any activity appearing to be related to the business of America is purely illusionary.

  2. Have you seen the story on how the factory that makes Volt batteries hasn't shipped a single battery? The employees play cards and such all day.

  3. Kid,

    I haven't seen that -- can you provide a link to it for all to see?