Sunday, October 21, 2012

Terrorist not in Obama vocabulary

We already know the whole sordid lie that this administration went through in the Benghazi terror attack.  We also know that since the Seal Team 6 killing of Bin Laden which Obama takes full credit for, the Al Qaida network is fractured and on the run.  They are on the run, the run to fill the void left by this Administrations foreign policy that armed the very same terrorists in Libya and elsewhere.

All of these dispicable things that the Administration do in order to spin politics in order to cover their failures pales in comparison to what this Administration has caused the families of another terror attack on American soil -- Ft. Hood.

The reasons and excuses boggle the mind to the length to which this Administration will go to advance the narrative that is counterintuitive to reality that radical Islam is still planning and killing our citizens.

But the dispicable lable that this Administration has given to Ft. Hood as a "workplace violence" incident is robbing our men and women in uniform as well as their families the right to compensation as well as purple hearts for their wounds sustained in this terror attack.

We wonder how Benghazi could have happened on 9/11, we need look no further than Obama and his political correctness and his failed vision for America is the reason for all our ills mantra.

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