Monday, October 29, 2012

The looming "war of the Secretaries"

The naked emperor has tweeted his plan this morning.  It is a 5 point plan.  Sound familiar?  Bereft and adrift this Administration is at the 11th hour that now everything they have thrown at Romney, spending millions and millions to "move the needle" have failed they now are left with the mimic card.

At, Katie Pavlich reports -- "If he gets another term, President Obama has a new plan about how to get businesses hiring again. He wants to appoint a Secretary of Business. Yes, that means creating another government position which will naturally lead to more paper work, more bureaucracy and more chaos for the country's job creators."

So, Obama really thinks we are stupid naives or what?  I had to laugh out loud enough to have my wife come into my office at inquire just what was so funny.

I told her that the resulting chaos between the "Secretary of Business" and the "Labor Secretary" would be palpable.  Hilda Solis would walk a picket line outside the new Cabinet members office until they capitulated to Labors demands.

The Obama Administration has less than 8% (the lowest in history) of Cabinet members with business experience so it would be a farce to see who he attempts to appoint.  One thing we do know is that the House and Senate Republicans have already paved the way for an appointment without the vetting process.  Nice, huh?

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